Fun on a Friday: Drunk History . . . The Broadway Edition. And it’s ‘wicked’ funny.

When the first episodes of Drunk History broke the Internet, I remember thinking, “OMG” (and yes, I do think in 14-year-old popslang), “OMG!  I should do that for Broadway.  Broadway drunk history.  It’ll kill!”

And I am sooooooo glad I didn’t.

Because I could never have done it as well as Shoshana Bean and the folks that put together what you’ll see below.

Yep, it’s Drunk Broadway:  WICKED.

If you don’t know what Drunk History or Drunk Broadway are . . . well, it’s a great lesson in coming up with a title that tells you exactly what the “show” is about.  It’s History.  Drunk.  It’s Broadway.  Drunk.

It’s wicked.  Funny.

Enjoy the below on this Indian summer Friday and have a wonderful weekend.  Oh, and if you go out and have a few drinks, have a buddy flip on their vid cam, and tell the story of Les Miz.

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