How do you become one of the 50 Longest Running Broadway Shows?: A by the numbers infographic.

Over the course of this blog’s history, I’ve written about the Top 10 Longest Running Broadway Shows a few times.  First back in 2007 (!) when Miss Saigon was still in the Top 10 (it’s #12 now) and then again in 2012, when Chicago leaped four spots to number  four (it’s #2 now).

It was about time to do another update when I thought . . . I smell an infographic!  The previous blogs were mostly about how stars impacted long runners, but what if we dug a bit deeper into the DNA of these mega hits?  What more could we discover?  Have they all won Tonys?  When did they open?  And just who are the lucky ducks that produced them?

Is there anything Producers and Writers can do to stack the long-running odds in their favor?

Want all those answers and more?  Check out the infographic below.

And I wish you all one of these shows in your future.  (Heck, I’d take a half of one.)


50 Longest Running Broadway Shows (3)


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  • Shane says:

    Just as well you published this today before it became out of date. (Jersey Boys surpasses Miss Saigon today…)


    Ken thanks for sharing this info.I’ve always felt the #1 component of a musical are the songs.They need to have a long shelve life.By that I mean performers not associated with the show take songs from that show and cover them in their own style.Songs from shows such as West Side Story,South Pacific and Phantom Of The Opera will always be heard.I don,t know that 50 years from now singers will be doing any numbers from shows such as Kinky Boots or Hamilton.I’d be interested to see this same kind of top 50 list for the Broadway songs most often recorded by various artists.Good look in finding your top 50.

  • Thanks Ken, that was fun! Loved it!

  • Joe Marino says:

    It is sad that a straight play can no longer run forever on Broadway. The most recent plays- GEMINI and DEATHTRAP were from the 1970’s. It is also interesting to note that none of the plays on this list won a Tony for Best Play (granted some were before the Tony awards were given).

  • Thanks for sharing all this research available! Very interesting!

  • Mark says:

    Great stuff Ken! Your infographics always bring stats to life. If you are ever so inclined, it might be interesting to separate the musicals from the plays and do the Top 50 of each of those with similar qualifiers, stats, etc.

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