How to put Butts in Seats . . . a panel.

People often ask me what a Producer’s number one responsibility is, to which I respond . . . “My job is to get a show to run as long as possible.”

Why is that my goal?

Well, the longer I can get a show to run . . . the more people who will hear the message of my authors, and the more likely my investors have a chance to get their money back with some profit.  

Artistic Mission + Business Mission = Producer’s Job.

And there’s only one way to get a show to run, and that’s to get butts in seats.

The Off Broadway Alliance is sponsoring one of its infamous panels this coming Sunday, October 4th on the subject of buttocks in seattocks, featuring some of Off Broadway’s biggest press marketing names including moderator Hugh Hysell, Leanne Schanzer, Joe Trentacosta, Susan L. Schulman, Dan Demello and Amanda Bohan.  What’s cool about this seminar is that in addition to talking about the tried and true marketing initiatives that sell tickets, the conversation is also going to discuss those low-cost or zero-cost things you can do to get an audience to see your show.  It was these sorts of things that helped put my first couple of shows on the map, and eventually got them to recoup!  (Ask me about how we let virgins get in free for the first performance of My First Time.)

And in the spirit of putting butts in seats, this panel discussion is free . . . guaranteeing that there will be a full house for sure.

If you want to learn how to plan a marketing campaign for your show, or are just curious how Broadway shows and Off Broadway shows are marketed, register for the seminar here.  It takes places this Sunday, October 4th at the Snapple Theater on 50th St., and there’s plenty of networking time before and after the panel.  Oh, and there are free bagels.  Mic drop!

Pre-registration is mandatory so click here to sign up!


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  • Is there any chance this seminar is going to be recorded and made available as a download, a podcast, a document download?

  • Michele says:

    I have the same question as Michael. Being around 800 miles away, I’d love to be able to see/hear the seminar if it were made available on either YouTube or as a podcast or such.

  • Rich Mc says:

    “People often ask me what a Producer’s number one responsibility is, to which I respond . . . “My job is to get a show to run as long as possible.”

    Ken, allow me to correct you (i.e., if you ever aspire to my investor $). Your responsibility as a Producer is to convince & motivate potential investors that your show(s) will RECOUP. Of equal importance is that this involves addressing the ‘Cost’ side of your value proposition, not just the Top Line & i.e., & not just “Putting Butts in Seats, which is only one component of the profit equation. Shish, I’ve never heard a more turn-off line to investors.

  • Jed says:

    The best way to get your message out and pay no money is to have Donald Trump tweet about it.

  • Brad Duffy says:

    Are there shirts available online?

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