Podcast Episode 37 – Steven Sater


Welcome to Week #2 of Spring Awakening month on the ol’ Producer’s Perspective Podcast, featuring none other than the Tony Award-winning book writer and lyricist, Steven Sater.

And just wait until you hear some of the poetic truth bombs he drops about writing for the theater, about Spring and about living life in general.  His story could be a musical itself, with the number of dragons he slayed in order to get where he is today.  And we talk about everything, including:

  • Publishing his first novel . . . at age five.
  • How he turned an almost fatal accident into an opportunity to master ancient Greek.
  • Why he prefers writing lyrics and book, rather than just the book . . . and why.
  • Why he writes on yellow pads with a pencil rather than on a computer.
  • Where he got the idea for Spring Awakening in the first place and what he thought when the curtain went up on the very first production.

You’ll hear me say this on the podcast, but Steven is one of the most eloquent guests we’ve ever had, pouring out beautiful answers to my questions, as if he was writing a podcast-ian play.  And his tips on getting your career started are some that all of us can learn from, whether you’re writing, directing or getting into hotel management, to be honest.

So enjoy Week #2 of Spring Awakening month!

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Upcoming Next Week:  Tony and Grammy Award-winning Composer Duncan Sheik!


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