The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Clever Little Lies Off Broadway!

In the past twenty years of Off Broadway shows, there aren’t many that have recouped.

But one of the most famous of the recoupers is a little show called I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change written by now Tony Award Winner, Joe DiPietro.

You’ll never guess who’s got a new Off Broadway show coming to town.

I Love You, You’re Perfect . . . played one of the coolest little jewel box Off Broadway theaters in the city, the Westside Theatre.

Guess whose new Off Broadway show is playing the Westside Theatre.

Yep, Joe Di-P has a new comedy called Clever Little Lies opening Off Broadway starring Marlo Thomas (!), and if this show is half as funny and successful as I Love You, then we’re all in for a treat.

So let’s give away some tickets, right?

Ok, so let’s think about that title.  Clever Little Lies.  And now, read the five statements below, which are all about me.  One of them is a lie.  Tell me which one I made up and why you think so and I’ll pick a winner from the group that gets it right.  Make sense?  Ok, here I go . . .

  • I once dreamed about being an Olympic Luger.
  • My left foot is half a size larger than my right.
  • I was the star breakdancer at my Junior High School.
  • I haven’t thrown up since 1981.
  • When asked to sing a song at my high school graduation, I chose “Memory” from Cats.

Got it?

Ready, set, lie!


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  • Brian says:

    The Olympic Luger is the lie. In order to succeed in theater you must be so dedicated that you never have and never could imagine any other profession. Since you are a success Ken, you never had any other aspirations.

  • Iris says:

    I’m gonna go with the Olympic Luger as well, by method of elimination. Memory from Cats seems like a perfectly reasonable graduation song choice from a theater geek. Breakdance also sounds like something a theater kid might do in school. My right food is a half size bigger than my left, so I’m very happy to believe that. Not having thrown up since 1981… sure… I haven’t in a long time either (and the times I did was because of motion sickness. Leaves the luger dreams, which seems random unless you’re from a region where this is a thing, especially for a theater kid.

  • When asked to sing a song at my high school graduation, I chose “Memory” from Cats.

  • Diana says:

    You were not a star break dancer because you were out of school before that was popular. Had you been a few years younger, you certainly would have been a star – or you certainly would have daydreamed about breakdance stardom. Lust for cool moves!!!


    When asked to sing a song at my high school graduation, I chose “Memory” from Cats.


  • In a business that causes so many butterflies in stomachs, I can’t believe you haven’t thrown up since 1981. I call that a lie.

  • Laura Marshall says:

    You haven’t thrown up since 1981.

  • fran says:

    I’m going with breakdancing. I think you may have dabbled with it, but star breakdancer?!!

  • Judy gentile says:

    i think you lied about breakdancing Surely in your junior high it didn’t even exist yet n u wouldn’t want to
    ” break a leg” !!!!

  • Sara Wolter says:

    Actually, I will go with the foot mis-size….

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    My left foot is half a size larger than my right.

  • Queerbec says:

    You said that one of these is a lie. You did not say that only one was a lie. Nor did you say that the other four were necessarily true. Ken Davenport–everything you said was a lie–from your feet to your stomach! Not a good practice for a producer, but definitely for a blogger who likes to have fun with his readers–and who wants to show how easy it is to lie!

  • Alexa Bishop says:

    That you sang Memory…

  • Elise Kaplan says:

    I think that the star breakdancer at a junior high school has bragging rights and we would have heard about this before. Therefore, the line about you being the star breakdancer at your junior high school is a lie. Sherlock Holmes taught me well.

  • Dana Vance says:

    I think there are a quite few “lies” here but I’m going to go with your left foot!

  • Bette H says:

    When asked to sing a song at my high school graduation, you chose “Memory” from Cats. Yea but did you actually sing it? A star break dancer in HS, Were you the only break dancer in HS? You haven’t thrown up since 1981. it is a possibility, but doubtful. You once dreamed about being an Olympic Luger, another possible truth, only once, right?. Your left foot is half a size larger than my right, sounds possible, hope you buy your shoes at Nordstrom, they pair odd sizes without the extra cost. But then again you are clever so these may all be lies. 🙂

  • EllenFD says:

    Must be the Olympic Luger. Because a lie is “clever”–i.e., undetectable–if it can’t be disproved. And who else is inside your head but you? Therefore, the perfect or most “clever” little lie.

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