The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Daddy Long Legs Off Broadway!

I’m writing this giveaway blog from the tech table at Daddy Long Legs right now.  Paul Nolan and Megan McGinnis are in the middle of a beautiful Paul Gordon duet.  And the Production Manager just stepped on the stage and hammered in a loose nail.

My Stage Manager is looking over my shoulder as I write this and she just said, “You’re giving away tickets to the show this week?”

“I am,” I responded.

“Well, someone is going to be very, very lucky.”

And it’s true.

And I promise you, I’m not biased at all.

Seriously, one of the things I pride myself on as a Producer is that I know when my shows are great, and I know when they need a few more hours in the oven.  One of the greatest assets a Producer can have is objectivity.

And well, it’s just a fact.  The winner of this blog is going to love the show.  🙂

If you want to read why I produced the show, click here . . . but if you want to just get to the ticket-giving-away, read on!

Here’s how you win tickets . . . simple . . . sign up for the Daddy Long Legs email list here.  We’ll pick a winner from the people that sign up, oh, and we’ll also send you a freebie recording of “The Secret of Happiness” at the same time.

Click here to sign up and enter.

And now, well, Megan just started singing “The Secret of Happiness,” so I gotta go.  Before I cry all over this keyboard and electrocute myself.

Good luck!


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  • Joseph Giglio says:

    Was an interesting song indeed I listened to it three times but for some reason it seems to me that I have heard that song or one just like it before. The original aspect of it to me is not there at all. I wanted to love it and tear up like you I really did. Maybe at my age I am just too jaded or maybe out of context of the show and seeing the actor onstage it is lost. I wish I could say exactly what it sounded like and the closest that I can come is that it was pulled from a D#$%y move soundtrack.

  • Tiffany says:

    Signed up! I’m so excited to see this show–love the book, love the cast album…it’s gonna be great!

  • David H. says:

    I enjoyed this track a whole lot, and I think it will get people interested in hearing more and seeing the show. I know I did like the cast album the first time I heard it, and now am going to give it another listen.

  • I feel like such a greedy little pig, entering after already winning the tickets to “Amazing Grace” – but this is a show that I’m dying to see already – so I’m going to be coarse and common and throw my name in the cyber hat again!

    You are always so generous with your ticket giveaways – even when I don’t win, I thank you for the opportunity!

  • EllenFD says:

    The track is very promising. I think it will pique interest.

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