Who won the tickets to see Clever Little Lies?

Forget who won the tickets to Clever Little Lies for a second . . . the more important question is which one of my statements in last week’s blog was a lie?

Allow me to recap.  Last Sunday I told you the following:

  • I once dreamed about being an Olympic Luger.
  • My left foot is half a size larger than my right.
  • I was the star breakdancer at my Junior High School.
  • I haven’t thrown up since 1981.
  • When asked to sing a song at my high school graduation, I chose “Memory” from Cats.

One of these was a lie.  Which one?

Are you ready?

Well, I did want to be a luger, and was officially in training for one day.  Then I realized you had to like cold weather if you wanted to be a luger.  I was the big breakdancer at Tantasqua Junior High . . . but that didn’t mean I was any good.  There just weren’t many of us, and, well, it was a school full of white suburban kids in Gap khakis and polos.  We didn’t have much rhythm.  I’m happy to say I haven’t thrown up since 1981 (ironically I threw up that day on my official “Beat Street” breakdance cardboard, which my step-dad folded up and threw away – sad times).  And yes, I did sing “Memory” at my high school graduation.

So my clever little lie was . . . that my left foot is 1/2 size larger than my right.  My feet are exactly the same size!

Did you get it?

Not many of you did . . . only three!  So I picked one of you randomly from that group to win the tickets, and that person is . . .

Sara Wolter!

Congrats, Sara.  You’re a human lie detector.  And you’re going to see Clever Little Lies with Marlo Thomas Off Broadway!  Click here to email me and get those tickets.

And if you didn’t get my lie right . . . ask yourself why.  Because learning to lie well and detect lies are a part of great storytelling.  Most plays are lies . . . or exaggerations . . . they are made up stories, right?   Playwrights have to figure out how to lie . . . and make it seem really, really true.  Be specific, but not too specific.  Just enough details, etc.

Try it sometime.  It can be fun.  🙂


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  • Randy turner says:

    Around 1982 I saw a Brad Wong in Applause at the the former Equity Library Theatre, on West 103nd Street and Riverside Drive. B.D. Wong of M Butterfly and other shows, movies and television. Another fact: I now live in that building, Master Apartment.

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