Podcast Episode #41: The Chairman of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt.

Robert “Bob” Greenblatt is one of the most powerful people in our business.

And he doesn’t even work in our biz.

Bob runs NBC.  Yep, that NBC.  You know, one of the big three television networks.  Home of America’s Got Talent, Sunday Night Football . . . Saturday Night Live.

And under his watch, also home of SmashThe Sound of Music Live, Peter Pan Live, the upcoming The Wiz . . . and who knows what other Broadway-themed entertainment Bob is cookin’ up?  But whatever he’s got in mind, expect it to be good, and expect it to help continue to expand Broadway’s growin’ brand.  And we owe him a big thank you for that.

I was able to thank him in person when he came to our office for this enlightening podcast about Broadway, television and their juxtaposition.   Listen in to hear Bob talk about . . .

  • How does one get to be the Chairman of a network anyway?
  • What he’d do differently if he were producing 9 to 5 again (Bob was the lead Producer of the Dolly musical).
  • The reaction he got when he told his team he wanted to air a musical on NBC . . . live . . . and how he got the courage to do it anyway.
  • Could a reality casting show work on network TV?
  • How developing a television show is similar to developing a Broadway show.

And lastly, you’ll hear a prediction at the end of the podcast from me, about how I expect Broadway to go through yet another growth period in a few years, and what will be the cause (hint, hint, it has something to do with today’s podcast guest).


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  • For some reason, this will not download into iTunes. Starts… and then immediately exits.

  • Steven Conners says:

    Ken, well, you’ve done it again. Good and informative interview with Robert “Bob” Greenblatt. I noticed that he said: “…anything dusty or musty might be new again.” Of course, I agree with him. Anyhow, again many thanks for what you doing. Keep it up. –SJC

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