What “lather, rinse & repeat” has to do with your success.

Listen. I want you to forget every inspirational word you’ve ever read about how to achieve the success you want.

That’s right, no Secret, no Tony Robbins, no “successory” poster you buy at Spencer’s Gifts.

Forget words.

And think science.

It is scientifically proven that the way to improve at any task is to perform that task, get immediate feedback on that task, and then to repeat that task. (“Lather, rinse, repeat,” get it?)

Why this works has a lot to do with this gooey stuff in your brain called myelin. And when you repeat something, are told what to do to make it better next time, and then try again, you build more myelin around the nerve endings associated with that task. Simply put, the more myelin, the better you get.

I learned about myelin from my very first golf teacher, who taught me the importance of not just taking 100 swings at the driving range, but taking ONE swing, then getting feedback, making a change and then taking the next swing. (Cue the myelin build up.) And, I can tell you that I’m a much better golfer than I was when I started thanks to that junk growing in my brain.

The great thing about this science is that it works for everything . . . including writing.

Write, get feedback, write again.

It’s super hard to do this on your own (kind of like me learning how to play golf without my coach), which is why we’re bringing back “Shape Up,” our six-week, myelin-building writer’s workshop taught by my very own Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb!

During each week of the workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to present work to the group, get feedback on it, then go away and rewrite it, or write something else to present for the following week. Lather, rinse, repeat . . . get better, get better, get better. It’s a simple scientifically proven process to make you a better writer in just six weeks. Guaranteed.

Just look at what one of our last participants had to say!

“I’ve done a lot of writers workshops over the years, but Shape Up is by far the most effective I’ve ever experienced. Eric provides concise, insightful, and constructive comments while building confidence and a positive rapport among the participants.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to all writers looking to tighten up their work.” – Stephanie, Shape Up Participant 2014


Shape Up begins on Monday, October 26th at 6:30 PM and continues through Monday, November 30th.  Each session is three writing-packed hours long, and they take place in my very own conference room in my office.

There are only eight FOUR spots left for this workshop, so if you’re committed to improving your skills as a writer, register today before it sells out.  (We held this same workshop last year and it sold out fast.)

The workshop is only $495 for all six weeks, which works out to only $82.50 per session.  And like all of our seminars and workshops, Shape Up is 101% guaranteed.  So sign up today and get myelin. Or get your money back.  🙂

Register today!


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  • Bobbi Smith says:

    I am writing to you because I am unable to get a satisfactory response from your theater. My friend from Boston was coming in to NY and we had tickets to see your show at the Davenport tomorrow night. Sadly, on Tuesday night her doctor called to tell her that she had Stage 1 Breast cancer and needed to see the surgeon. She called me in tears to tell me that she wouldn’t be able to come. Of course, I told her not to worry about it. I then went into the city yesterday and went to the Davenport theater and spoke to someone at the Box Office. He told me that I had to call Telecharge and they would get in touch with the theater tonight when the Box Office was open. I just got off the phone from them and I was told that the theater said they would not return or exchange the ticket, but if I wanted to go on another week night, I could call and see if any seats were available. I explained (since I don’t live in the city) that I have no idea when she will be able to come here, if at all, depending on how the surgery goes and to have to wait to call that day to see if seats were available was so unfair. I read your columns here religiously and go to the theater quite a bit, primarily to matinees.. Did I mention that I am 69 and she is 70? Going at night was a big deal and now a very happy situation has turned into(besides her diagnosis) a very sad situation. Since there is no chance that I will be able to go, nor will she, I find it hard to believe that my money can’t be refunded. It was because of you that I even thought of going to this show in the evening. I am writing to ask if you could please do something about this situation. I didn’t make up this story. I would never say someone had breast cancer as an excuse. I have to say that two years ago I developed bronchitis and couldn’t make a Broadway show and the money was refunded to me without hesitation. I am pleading with you to refund our money. We are both on fixed incomes and although, the seats weren’t as expensive as Broadway, to us they are still not an amount that we can afford to just lose.
    I thank you in advance for anything you can do for me in this unfortunate situation.
    Bobbi Smith

  • Ken Davenport says:

    Hi Bobbi, So sorry to hear about your trouble and your friend’s situation. Of course we’ll refund you. I’ll contact you via email.

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