Who won the tickets to see Who’s Your Baghdaddy?

You guys obviously had fun with this one, coming up with tag lines like, “Brigadoon, or Where Have You Been All of My Life? No, Really – Where?

But the fascinating part of this little game was that it is a great exercise in helping to get to the bottom of what your show is about . . . and what the tone of that show is.  Drew Cohen, the President of MTI, describes this importance of tone in your title on an upcoming podcast, and I urge you all to check it out when it goes live.  Because as I’ve said before, your title is the #1 marketing tool you have in your show’s toolbox.

In the meantime, let’s give away some tickets, shall we?

The winner of the two tickets for Who’s Your Baghdaddy? Or How I Started the Iraq War is . . . Katie Jane!

Congrats, Katie.  Email me to set up your tickets, and enjoy the show!

Oh and speaking of marketing, a very valuable marketing giveaway is coming up tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


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