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When I was just starting out, I ran into so many obstacles, and I couldn’t find anyone to help me navigate them.  I remember thinking, “If only there was someone who I can talk to who can help, I know I can achieve the things I want to achieve . . . and faster.”

That’s when I made a promise to myself.  I promised that when I learned some of the secrets to success in this industry, I would make myself available to other people who were looking to get their shows or careers to the next level.

When you set up a session with me, I guarantee that you’ll be on a quicker path to getting your show, career or business to where you want it to be.  GBecause there is only one thing I love more than producing shows and that’s helping people succeed in the theater.

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“I have to confess that I came very close to canceling the meeting. The most cynical part of me was equating you with those guys who promise to teach you how to make a fortune in the stock market if you only buy their book or take their course or something. But it was worth it to meet the guy who’d written so many smart things in the blog I’d been reading for the past two years. I fully expected to come away feeling that only my curiosity had been satisfied. I was dead wrong. Not only was Ken a true gentleman and genuinely interested in helping me, he turned me on to a chunk of wisdom that is turning me around.
I owe him one. I owe him two!” – Jeff Jackson

To learn more about why I offer consulting services in the theater, including more testimonials, click here.

  • Glynn Borders says:

    Hi Ken.

    I’ve been trying to set up an appointment but having trouble on my iPhone.

    I have a cabaret musical based on Josephine Baker, which we originally produced at LaMama Theater 25 years ago. When we closed a new career began. I am the FX Director for The Late Show w/ Letterman now Colbert for last 22 years. I’m looking to retire soon and return to theater. LaMama has agreed to open our revival in spring 2018. Now, I’m the book writer, director and producer. Help! In 1990 we produced it for $7500. Of course, today, $200,000 is the ball park I must play in. Double help! I would love to book a Friday in very near future to me with you.

    Thank you
    Glynn Borders

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