The Sunday Giveaway: A ticket to see King Charles III on Broadway . . . with me!

As I wrote in last Thursday’s blog about the former Seattle critic who was selling his free ticket on Craigslist, where the guy went wrong was not in inviting a member of the public to sit beside him.  It was in charging for the ticket.

There’s nothing wrong with inviting someone you don’t know to sit with you at a show.  There’s a whole lot to be learned from watching a show with someone who is not in the industry, who pays for tickets more than you do, who has different tastes than you do, etc.  It opens your eyes to a different “perspective.”

And since I am a big believer in practicing what I e-preach, that’s what I’m doing with today’s giveaway.

Now that the 2015-16 season is well under way, Tony Voters like me get invites to see all the shows.  The latest one to cross my desk was the recently brilliantly reviewed King Charles III, by one of my favorite contemporary writers, Mike Bartlett (Mike wrote C*ck, which we GMed a couple of years ago, and I can say firsthand that he’s as good of a guy as he is a writer.)

I’m setting up my Tony tickets now . . . and I want one of you to sit with me!  We’ll talk about the theater, the show, see if we agree, disagree, and have a good time.  (And yes, I’m sure we’ll post at least one pic on Instagram.)

Or, I guess, if you don’t like me, you could always sit in silence and still get a free ticket to the show.  🙂

So if you want to see King Charles III on Broadway with me sitting right next to you, tell me in the comments below why you would make a great platonic theater date.

And then we’ll pick a random winner, and tell you where you can send the payment for your ticket.  KIDDING!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing this show with you soon.

(I just thought of something . . . if there are no entries to this week’s giveaway, I’m going to feel like a real idiot.)


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  • Peg caruso says:

    I see a lot of theater with the same people, and I’d love to have another perspective! I also tend to love shows you produce and think we would be a good theater match!

  • Janna Morrison says:

    King Charles III appeals to my inner historian/genealogist/storyteller/Anglophile!

  • Iris says:

    I’m a big lover of theater and am lucky enough to be living in New York for a year for work. More than half of the time is already over (yes, I know… super sad), but I’m enjoying living here so much, every day, because of all the theater I get to see. I don’t quite get around to see everything, but I see a lot (last season I managed to see all the musicals (except the 2 already closed) and about half the plays before the Tonys although I only got to New York in March). But unlike critics I go in wanting to love, not critique. I appreciate the art form and the effort each and every one is putting in to make it the best possible show. That being said, of course I like some shows more than others. Some shows just touch you… and others you just can’t relate to as much. And that doesn’t always coincide with that the critics have to say.
    Oh, and I’m very intrigued about all the things happening before a shows gets on the stage, and would love the opportunity to chat with you before/after/at intermission, maybe find out some things I’ve always been curious and share my 5 about some of the things that bug me as a theater goes or that I wish Broadway would do better!

  • Shannon says:

    One of the things I like best about my visits to all theatre and Broadway shows is hearing the perspectives of those around me and engaging in conversation with fellow thespians. We don’t always agree about what we’ve seen onstage, but I find everyone’s opinions to be thoughtful, articulate, and proof that so many out there really do have a passion for the arts during a time when too much press coverage of cell phone use and bad behavior in theatres makes you think a love for the arts may be lost.

  • Alyssa C. says:

    ?Here are my reasons why I would be the best companion to see King Charles the 3rd with you. First, I love history. I minored in the subject in college. How does one begin to write a future historical show? I am very intrigued. Second, I love theater! To see this show with you, an industry insider would be cool to say the least. You know the ins and outs. It’s one of the reasons I read your blog! I would have total bragging rights with my friends! I might be more excited to actually meet you in person than to see a show! Lastly, I spent the entire last week in bed. Fever, chills, you named it, I had a version of the Flu. ?Today is the first day I actually feel decent. I can’t wait to get out of the house! Anyways, I think you and I would be perfect theatre buddies! ? Plus it can’t hurt that I want to be a producer just like you! ???

  • I’d buy you sippy cup wine and sit behind the tall person.

  • Lauren S says:

    The only thing that softens the blow of a great show ending is the great discussion to be had afterward! I’d love to talk with someone who loves theatre and sees it from a different (producer’s) perspective!

  • Sarah P. says:

    I like to think I’d make a good theatre date, because I’m very knowledgeable (and passionate!) about the current season and theatre in general, and would LOVE a chance to discuss shows with you, and hear your thoughts on all of them! 🙂 I’ll even buy you a drink!

  • RJ says:

    You are someone that I look up to so very much. I’ve followed your blog/websites for years. I’m a professional actor and I’ve both auditioned for you and taken classes at your office. I would love the chance to hang with you in person for a few hours and share our artistic, creative, and business opinions. In other words: pick me!!

  • Amram Zeitchik says:

    I love seeing West End transfers and watching if they perform as well in NY as they did in London.

  • rita says:

    I don’t hog the arm of the chair between us!

  • I’m small so I don’t block anyone’s view and other patrons don’t have to climb over me to get to their seats!

  • Aaron Sanko says:

    I’m a huge fan of analyzing theatre and seeing why it does or doesn’t work. I can think of no better person in the business to have that kind of conversation with! I’d love to learn more about your perspective and challenge my own.

  • Megan S says:

    I love thinking about all the parts it takes to put into the show and how it all “magically” comes together. Also, all I do is smile during a show, like you can’t take the smile off my face. 🙂

  • Brian says:

    I’m a frequent contributor to this site. I post mini-reviews of most shows I see and my email is broadwaybrian. So Ken, you win as much as I do if you pick me!

  • Nancy Paris says:

    I always eat my Twizzlers for dinner, not during the show. That way the candy wrapper crackling doesn’t disturb those around me.

  • Allison M says:

    I love seeing shows! I feel I generally have a good sense of when a show works or doesn’t work and I enjoy a variety of genres. I’ve also been told by several sources that I’m a great theatre date!

  • Claire says:

    I’d love to see this show with you and analyze it with you! During the play I’ll be as quiet as a mouse; I have very good theatre etiquette!

  • David Turley says:

    I am a total theater junkie and usually have a lot to say after the show. Both good things about a show and what I didn’t care for. Come awards season I do pretty well. I had 90% correct this last Tony Awards.

  • Samantha Levine says:

    I’m a huge fan of analysing and discussing new works, and I find it especially exciting when one person may be coming at it from a completely different angle, or with more insight on the writer or the creative team! I think those conversations can be very enlightening, and even just from talking with the people around me at shows, I’ve learned a lot and heard many opinions on work!

    (Also. I never talk or text or any of nonsense during a show!)

  • Kate Bullock says:

    I like to think critically about theatre, about the arts, and I really like to talk. Where else but at the theater can that be done all at the same time? I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve had extremely fruitful conversations about why something just worked in the ladies’ bathroom while washing your hands after a show. (Seeing somebody with snotty tear-streaked post-bow faces breeds a whole new level of familiarity between strangers). I love finding people with as much willingness to share as myself. That’s what makes live performance so great. Two people with nothing more in common than the way they spent their past two hours can have a real meeting of the minds. Who knows what will result in the future.

  • Robert Piper says:

    I am a young aspiring producer/ director and am also willing to buy you whatever you want at the bar! Plus, you can have the aisle seat, I don’t mind! What could be better!?

  • Larry says:

    Hi Ken. I’ll be a good viewing partner with you at this show, because I can almost guarantee we’ll see this show in different ways. And we’ll have a very interesting discussion about it afterward!

  • Jessica Rieken says:

    Hi Ken! I’d be a great platonic theatre date for King Charles III because I’ve worked for Sonia Friedman Productions- yep! I also have great chat. 🙂

  • Dennis says:

    I love nothing more than seeing a show and then talking about it afterwards. Theatre is all about getting people to think and discuss after they leave. I’m very interested to hear what you think about the play and how we can challenge each other and be challenged by the play.

    As Terrence McNally said, “I think theatre teaches us who we are, what our society is, where we are going. I don’t think theatre can solve the problems of a society, nor should it be expected to … Plays don’t do that. People do. [But plays can] provide a forum for the ideas and feelings that can lead a society to decide to heal and change itself.”

  • I am a great conversationalist (and listener) plus – I just bought a really hot suit and need an occasion to where it!

  • Tom L says:

    1) I was a theatre & history double major– I love discussing where the two areas intersect.
    2) As a theatre teacher, director & producer (at the HS level), I view theatre through lots of different lenses, much as you do– from a different perspective.
    3) As my business card says, I’m a candid critic, and I passionately share my enthusiasm. You can’t ask for more than that when seeing a show!

  • Elise Kaplan says:

    Hi Ken,
    I would love to see King Charles III with you because I own a Metrocard and if I leave now I can get there on time.
    This is not a play that I would buy a ticket to, even if the reviews are great. I find comedies and musicals to be my favorite Broadway choices (but sometimes intelligent writing can be enjoyed too!).
    I would be expanding my horizons if I got to see King Charles III with you. Broadway should be a smorgasboard of creativity, and I haven’t explored any icing on the cake yet. Thanks.

  • Kyrsten Louchen says:

    Because you’ll have fun with me. 🙂

  • The jumping off point will be our discourse of theater, addressing it in its ideal rfrm. the re-creation of the reality of circumstance. I’ll then share with you many personal realities of circumstance which gyrate between the epitome of mental and foreign substance induced euphoria to the deep underbelly of the seamiest in commerce; near death experience/13 day coma; travel throughout Europe and Asia; reality of circumstance highlighted by triumph and marred by a multitude of warts.

  • Mike Ming says:

    I’ll make sure everyone around us has their phone off!

  • Alicia E says:

    Hi Ken,
    I’m a middle school theatre teacher, I see your future audience every day and they have a lot to say. If I’m your date I would serve as their ambassador as well as gather more knowledge from you to take back to the classroom.

  • Terry W says:

    I listen well before giving good conversation. This will speed up my learning curve as I continue to fully enjoy your blog and podcasts.

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    I’m good company.


    I loved COCK.

  • Leslie R says:

    You should choose me to join you because;
    I passionately ADORE the theater,
    I’m totally charming,
    I’m great company,
    And I’m really not interested in you- except as a theater buddy!

  • Janet says:

    I’m well-behaved and I can sit still and not bother you. Also, I’ll take you to dinner before the show, if you want.

  • Andre says:

    Since I saw Phil Collins at age 15 I have seen over 700 professional productions across all kinds of genres, art types, and venues all over the world – would love to talk to you about the diversity of cross-anything experiences and hear how we both like the show at hand! Love your blog!

  • One of my dearest friends I got to know as a platonic theatre buddy. We happened to sit next to each other at a Christmas party, and then decided to go to an evening of Beckett one-acts together. I was delighted to learn that she saw a lot of theatre, just like I do. In fact, before we met, she had even seen a show I had written! (Our last platonic theatre date: DADDY LONG LEGS, which we both enjoyed.) To this day, she tells me about shows I’d never heard about, and I do the same for her. So if you pick me, maybe I’ll be able to draw your attention to some plays you ordinarily would’ve overlooked.

  • Brad Duffy says:

    No need to feel like an idiot. I’d be more than happy to join you.
    It would be a pleasure to pick your brain before and after the show.

  • Hi Ken!
    I think I would make a perfect platonic theater date because I see a lot of theatre and I love experiencing it with other theatre lovers. I’ve been a fan of your blog and podcast for a few months now and it’s a tremendous resource for people in the business, including an actor like myself. You think outside of the box and it would be a thrill to get to join you for a show and pick your brain in the most polite and friendly way possible.

  • Ellen Cohn says:

    Hello Mr. D.

    I’d make a great theater (platonic) date because I always shut my phone off, I don’t unwrap candy or lozenges and I delight in seeing theater with people who love everything about the theater as I suspect you do. Plus, I’ll catch ya up on THE LOBBY 🙂

  • FrankieJ says:

    Hey Ken–
    I’d make a good theatre date because I don’t babble incessantly about my opinions unless I’m prompted and, even then, I try to be concise. I’m a playwright so I would love to get your thoughts on some of the projects I hope to work in 2016. Finally, I respect your savvy, so I’d love to hear about what is going on in your life and what excites you about the theatre.

  • Marina Barry says:

    I’m the person who should sit next to you Ken. I do not move in my seat, nor do I unwrap anything. I am a fan of yours and was one of the first people to rehearse in your rehearsal room when you first started offering it way back when. I’m currently working on a new show with music ~ and having done your writer / composer / lyricist speed date, (thanks!) have made contacts. I LOVE the theatre and am married to a Brit, so I should be the one to sit with you for this show. We even got married onstage at the Theatre Royal in Bath. Please pick me!

  • Lester says:

    I am reasonably thoughtful and articulate. Eager to hear your thoughts and share mine. Have a full background in the theatre both professionally and personally. I can provide a great pull quote if you need one. I am very quiet during and stay till the last bow. Even though I am short I do not give a pro forma standing ovation when all around seem to leap up. And I will be happy to tell you why I stand or sit.

  • Nick says:

    Platonic theatre dates are best surrounded by great conversation, and I think this is the perfect play to stir up commentary about the current and future state of theatre. Plus, as a young theatremaker, it will be a great opportunity to learn from each other about where we think the theatre industry is headed.

  • Cindy S. says:

    I’m an early career producer who spent four years studying theater in Buffalo, NY so yes, I would also like to compare notes on the show and other really important things… like wings.

  • Angela - The Southern Fried Bride says:

    It would make for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sit next to a learned pro who I have discerned through your blog posts shares the same level of appreciation for live theatre that I do. Being able to have a seatmate with this shared appreciation is always a real treat. Also, I thought I would throw in some frivolous reasons for balance: You would be sitting next to a blogger named “The Southern Fried Bride”, no less. My first and last name have alliteration. You would be sitting next to a lifelong Oklahoma girl who is now a New York homemaker- I must represent!

  • abe c says:

    although i do attend a lot of shows (including dozens of regional and amateur productions) annually, i’m not in the industry and have no theatre background/training/experience. i feel like i can give a layman’s opinion balanced between hardcore theatre fan and casual novice fan. as a non-new yorker (i live in northen virginia), i pay for my travel and 90+% of my tickets — i don’t get the comps and contest wins that many of my new york/new jersey friends enjoy. i can give an honest assessment of whether the show is worth the price of admission (and other associated costs).

    aside from my critical value, i’d be a great platonic theatre date because i know enough about theatre that you won’t have to worry about going with an total newbie — i know proper theatre etiquette and won’t do any of the annoying stuff that you often see at the theatre. however, i’m also not a total broadway fanboy, so you won’t have to hear me go on and on about how a was behind jonathan groff at the starbucks or the time i stalked amy spanger at the whole foods.

    all that, plus i generally smell nice.

  • Ben Lebofsky says:

    I have wanted to see this show for a while now and I could not ask for a better person to see it with. Being able to see and discuss a show with someone as knowledgable and involved in theater as you would be a dream come true! Please pick me!!!!

  • Jessie says:

    I always view shows with a critical eye and love to discuss shows with other people–whether they are frequent theatergoers or not! I love talking about what I liked about a show and what I thought could have been done better.

  • Sue Cohen says:

    I’ve heard word of mouth on this show and would like to share it with you, tell you if said word influenced me to buy tickets or not, and decide for ourselves what we think. I am the typical theater-goer and ticket decision maker, a suburban middle-aged woman. I am the average audience member if ever there was one. Would love to be your plus-one Ken, for this or any show! I’m a royals watcher, too. And a Red Sox fan. So there’s that.

  • Barry Malawer says:

    I would make a great platonic date to the theatre because I promise to go as friends and not someone who is trying to get something from you.

  • Andrew Joy says:

    I love the theatre and I am fascinated not only by the art, but how to produce the art.

    WHAT IT WOULD DO FOR ME: I am an MFA Producing student at Columbia which means I am living every moment trying to soak in everything this industry has to teach me. This show is of interest to me because of the many producing elements that are involved with it: the show itself, the way it is written, the UK transfer, etc.

    WHAT IT WOULD DO FOR YOU: I think I would be a good companion for you because as a young, up-and-coming producer I have fresh eyes for what appeals to younger audiences. As a producing student, I have the interesting perspective of what I am learning in class to compare with what is actually happening on stage. Finally, it is an opportunity for me to network with a successful version of what I want to be and for you to network with a “next generation” successful producer.

  • Ed Katz says:

    Because I am working on a musical I tend to see more musicals- so my perspective will have fresh eyes to see this play.
    And, besides that, I think we would get along well!

  • Lisa Weiss says:

    I love going to a Broadway (or off-Broadway, or off-off) show. I’ve been going to shows since I was a little girl. I’m told, I’m a good conversationalist, a wonderful listener and a great friend. But more importantly, with my daughter away at school, I don’t really have anyone to go to a show with, and would love the company, and be very appreciative. Additionally, since I’m not “in the business” this would be perfectly platonic, and not for any other motive than to enjoy the evening, And I really would be grateful for an evening out of my house.

  • I love theater but for numerous reasons, I have not seen a play in years. I need to get away if even for a few hours. So many unbelievable things are happening in my life all at once.

  • Marylou Rothfuss says:

    I would be a great theater date, because, there is no where else I’d rather be, than watching a show! It’s all magic to me. It would also, be great to talk to someone ,who is just as enthusiastic , as I am . Pick me , pick me, please!

  • Dan Dwyer says:

    Ken, As an indie theater reviewer and radio interview host of OFF SCRIPT, I’m hard pressed to think of anyone who combines theater producing, business, and promotional creds as effectively as you, which would make you an ideal guest for my radio show. Let’s talk when we see King Charles III . All best, Dan DWYER

  • Robb Johnston says:

    I try to see everything but have not gotten to this so my thoughts would be fresh, but have the backing of someone who at least for a while over the summer had seen everything playing.

  • Bryan Austerman says:

    I think I’d be a good platonic theater date to this particular show because I know almost nothing about it. I see a lot of theater and LOVE the Broadway, the Off-Broadway, and all the rest. I know a lot about what’s going on, but there are always some shows that slip by my radar and surprise me. This is one of those shows. I essentially only know that it got good reviews. I love going into shows with essentially no preconceived notions about what I will see, that way the play can truly just hit me however it will and I will be open to any possibility. I find expecting too much from a show can often leave me disappointed in one way or another. I have no expectations for King Charles III, so let’s see what I think of it!

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    I typoed my own name in the post above! #Fool

  • Don S. says:

    Hi, Ken:

    First, I’m already on a British history kick, having written a musical, “Robin Hood: How Legends are Made.” Second, we know we’ll get along well, because I’m a composer. Composers are famed for being easy to get along with! Just ask W.S. Gilbert, Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein, Alan Jay Lerner, Sheldon Harnick, Tim Rice…

  • Melissa Bell says:

    I would make a great platonic date at this show in particular because I was an English major at Columbia university where I read tons of English literature like Henry James, Jane Austen, William Thackeray and so many precursors to this show. I love watching British shows on PBS and I loved not only A gentleman’s Guide to Murder, but Kind Hearts and Coronets. I’m also a playwright and have based 2 of my shows on classic texts. I love talking about art and love to dig down deep. Have fun at the show!

  • As a former actress and producer, I think I would make a great platonic date at this show. I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of the British Royal Family and can regale you with titillating tidbits about their foibles over the years. I’m also a huge history geek. I was fortunate enough to take a class with critic Michael Billington many moons ago while I was studying in London, where we were encouraged to keep a notebook regarding the shows that we saw. I love not just classical theatre but great new plays. I saw The Disgraced before it closed on Broadway which was a wonderfully thought-provoking play.

  • EllenFD says:

    I’m a fan of “what if?” plays that hypothesize a particular future and love debating whether it could happen. Plus, I often wonder why some plays (ENRON, for example) go gangbusters across the pond, while — even though telling a thoroughly American story — flop badly stateside. So I’m fascinated by the different receptions accorded plays. whether they win the Olivier/lose the Tony or whichever.

  • Jeff Miele says:

    I would love to see the show with you as it is one I have been desperately wanting to see. And as a show with such acclaim I would love to see what a Producer and Tony Voter thinks of it, looks for, and how they observe. It would be an amazing learning process while watching a fascinating piece of art. I have never experienced theatre that way and what better way would there be than like that?

  • Kristen M says:

    I love theatre, I shut my phone off, I have no candies to open and no throat lozenges! also, I am a total anglophile!

  • Victoria says:

    We would have the greatest time together. Even before the show begins we will talk about our love for theater, the love affair between Broadway and the West End and swap stories about our own West End/Broadway experiences. From there we will have so much to discuss about Shakespeare and how bold Mike Bartlett is and how exciting to hear someone write a new play in iambic pentameter. We would have great discussions about history and the thrilling trend it is having in theater today. We would have such an amazing time together that you would want to invite your readers to see a show with you again and again!!!

  • Arnold Kuperstein says:

    You will not find anyone as knowledgeable about the theatre to accompany you as me. I previously have commented that you and your investors would lose every penny invested in THE VISIT. My prediction was true. I was one of the twenty winners of your recoupment contest this past spring. You referenced my submission of KEN DAVENPORT DOES THE FULL MONTY IN VEGAS but did not select me as the winner. I can tell you how to improve ticket sales to SPRING AWAKENING and why I have not purchased a ticket to your show even though I am going to be in NYC on three separate trips before the scheduled closing. I am positive you will not select me. Your lost.

  • Stuart Green says:

    Dear Ken,

    Why would I make a good platonic Theatre date? I love watching Theatre and go out of my way to see as much as possible. Not only that but I love post-show conversations and learning how others see the show, especially if it’s from a much different perspective. The best part is when you walk away from a show / discussion and find out things you didn’t pick up, which ultimately adds to your experience.



  • Hannah Weitzman says:

    I think everyone can make a great theater date, as long as they know how to behave. I can’t claim to be a better seat partner than any other person. All I can claim is enthusiasm for theater and a love of discussion.

  • Janet Miller says:

    BC we would have fun! 🙂

  • June Iseman says:

    Love your blogs & love the theater.Think it would be an enriching experience to see this play with you.

  • Phyllis Buchalter says:

    This might be different but, if I had a chance to get one ticket for King Charles III I would give it to my husband. He is an historian and theater lover. The type of guy who can run off the names of all the British Monarchs along with the Popes and Roman Emporers. He would be a great partner for you and he usually picks Best Play and Musical Tony winners as he sees them.

  • Barbara says:

    I love all things theatre. I bring a global perspective, having been born in Venezuela to a Hungarian mother and English father. Just returned from a visit to London, and I can trade stories on having seen Cumberbatch as Hamlet and the latest migration to Broadway, The Father.

  • Ken,
    I think I’d make a great platontic date because I am facinated by your journey and perspectives!

    Matthew Davis

  • Patrick McGregor II says:

    I know a lot about art an commercial theatre and where the two meet. Plus, I love talking about the art of theatre and how commercial the awards have gotten and the difference between spectacle and art. On top of that, I always buy a drink and a candy!

  • Allison DeLuca says:

    I have been on all sides of theatre and I feel like I would have a lot to say about the show. I even used to want to be a theatre reviewer (that is a dream that still exists somewhat). To top it all off, I am also a history major and future history teacher who also has a passion for literature, so this show would be great for me to see!

  • Bobbi Smith says:

    First of all, of course you would have many people trying for this extra special prize, a great show and YOU! But, I digress. I am a very good and positive theatergoer. I turn my phone off and I don’t open candy except before, during intermission and possibly after. I have a very open mind about theater and enjoy every minute of being in NYC and the whole atmosphere of it. People say I don’t dislike anything, but that’s not true. Once in a while I have some criticism, but most of the time I am happy as a clam in the theater, enjoying every nuanced minute of every show. My husband has me on a short lease, as when I retired, I was going to many shows a month. Now, unless it’s a birthday/anniversary, I only go once a month with an old college friend. Unfortunately, she is not a positive person, so it would be a thrill to see it with someone who loves and appreciates it. (Well, she’s not always negative, but sometimes, I have to set her straight!) I am also quite funny and witty according to people I know, so I could talk and keep you entertained before, at intermission and afterwards. I would love to be your platonic date!

  • I am someone who loves theatre . Simply put.

  • Eve Austin says:

    There is an amazing play he wrote (among many) , “Love, Love, Love-” Perfect for NY audiences.

    I’d be a great theater buddy because ; I am enthusiastic, charming , cultured, funny, kind A professional (act, write and produce) in our industry who is also a mother a wife and a theater goer.

    I love your fresh take on theater. Your blogs and Internet presence have “upped” and rejuvenated theater marketing. That is so important. Love your enthusiasm and that you care and actively are helping to keep theater alive.

    Hope to see you at the show!

  • Eve Austin says:

    Mike Bartlett is one of my favorite playwrights as well. I’m not British but his plays transcend nationality, Hard to believe his age.
    There is an amazing play he wrote takes place in the 70’s. Perfect for NY theater

    I’d be a great theater buddy because ; I am enthusiastic, charming , cultured, funny, kind A professional (act, write and produce) in our industry who is also a mother a wife and a theater goer.

  • Doug says:

    Why platonic?

  • nancy cohen says:

    I’m a terrific theater date. I do just enough research to ask pertinent questions, in this case, am a huge Anglophile and may even know a few things to add to the pot. I am never late. I don’t squirm, unwrap sour balls and usually try to have a nice chunk of dark, dark chocolate to share during intermission. And most of all, I’d be very grateful cause I’d love to see the show.

  • Melissa Holland says:

    Simply put – I love theatre. I love attending theatre productions. I love discussing theatre. I love analyzing – and at times picking apart – theatre. I see many shows…Most of the time, alone. If I do go with people, it’s generally the same people. I would love the opportunity to expand my discussions to other people, especially someone such as yourself who is in the business.

  • Tom says:

    Though I am a director and watch theater very often, I keep myself to the discipline of going to watch and react as an audience member and trust that the experiences or moments that stay with me are the ones that I can analyze and think about after I’ve left the theater.

  • Patrick Oliver Jones says:

    I’ve been following you for awhile now and thoroughly enjoy your insights and point-of-view. As an Equity actor I hear so many of my fellow actors and even Equity staff talk about producers with an us-vs-them attitude. This couldn’t be more wrong and bull-headed of them. There is a common love of theater and a desire to make the best shows possible to reach the most audience possible. To sit down with you and specifically discuss a show we just saw would be enlightening and possibly challenging, as we are bound to disagree on some aspect(s) of the King Charles III and even the business itself. But I love different viewpoints and being shown new ways to look at ideas, especially in the craft of making theater.

    Plus, we’d go to Schmackery’s after the show, my treat. That would only be common courtesy for the free ticket and stellar company. Besides, what better place to discuss and dissect the show??

  • Tom Evans says:

    I’m 84. Theatre professional. Directing credit at Circle Rep (THE DIVINERS). Playwright. Taught Woody Harrelson theatre at Hanover College. Around Christmas of 1954 made my first visit to New York. Saw seven plays in four days. No musicals. All plays. Second night of CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, BUS STOP for $2.00 standing room, TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON, TEA AND SYMPATHY, THE BAD SEED, THE DESPERATE HOURS, THE FLOWERING PEACH. I despise how psychotic contemporary actors are in the way they ignore the audience and play only to each other, eyes locked together in ways that would get one hauled away to the loony bin if one behaved that way in real life. Did I say I am an artistic curmudgeon? Now, Broadway in 1954! Heaven!!!! Born and raised in Mississippi. Now a Hoosier. Move over, George Abbott.

  • Candace says:

    I would be your perfect companion because I am a suburban,professional woman, just the type of theater-goer whom producers love to attract. I love a great show, but only crack open my pocketbook for something I am pretty sure I will like.

    It is an effort to get into the city, especially during the upcoming holiday season!

    Hope to (finlly) meet you soon!

  • Lynne says:

    I have enjoyed reading your posts and would love discussing a performance with you. As everyone else has said, I love theater!! I wish that I had the time and the financial resources to see everything that is performed in NY…..

  • Paula says:

    My friends tell me that I am good company…. I attend many Broadway shows, and I’ve seen many of the shows you have produced. I know it would be a memorable night
    with a lot to talk about. I taught the Deaf for many years..
    Spring Awakening would be part of our conversation.

  • Randy Zeese says:

    I am no more or less deserving than anyone else who writes in, I am sure, but what I do offer is the perspective of a long time theater goer who sees at least 25 Broadway shows a year, and yet still gets chills each time the curtain goes up! It would be my pleasure–and honor–to accompany you!!

  • Judy gentile says:

    Aw Ken – pick me , pick me – I’d make a great platonic date – for one thing I don’t date married men! I’m a theatre lover and am very fond of you and your smarts and would enjoy meeting you especially under these conditions?

  • Guy says:

    Hey Ken: Having worn both actor’s and producer’s hats during the 80’s, I am amazed at the evolution of theater marketing over the last 30 years. I am impressed and intrigued by your blog and agressive social media approach to marketing. I have to admit, I have seen shows of yours that I otherwise might have missed … And I think that kinda might be what you’re going for. I have been planning to see King Charles III … also finding Michael Bartlett’s other work sophisticated and unconventional … And I would enjoy sharing the experience with you.

  • Jarrod says:

    I’d love to see a Broadway show with one of the people who makes Broadway happen to hear what it is you’re looking for in a production and how that compares to my personal tastes as an actor, writer, and off-off Broadway producer. Also I’m short on cash and really want to see this show!

  • Randi says:

    I see a lot of shows and I am a good audience member!

  • I’m the perfect theatre going mate. Cause I am….

  • Christa deSanti says:

    I prefer going to the theater alone (it’s my sanctuary), but I would make an acceptation for you Ken.

  • Dale Leopold says:

    I’d love to accompany you to see Charles III because:
    1) I could regale you with true spy tales from my dad’s CIA days;
    2) I’ve been a fan of Tim Pigott-Smith’s acting since The Jewel In the Crown;
    3) Pretty much any excuse to get up to New York for theater works for me;
    4) And–oh right–I’m mid-way through writing a new musical and wouldn’t mind hearing your take on it.

  • Ev says:

    I am planning on seeing this as my son, whose opinion on theater I value very highly, saw the show in London and wants me to see it here. I would be extremely interested in seeing it with you, Ken, so that I can compare and contrast your thoughts and observations (also very highly valued!) with his.

  • karen c. says:

    I see a lot of theater (Spring Awakening again last night #shamelessbrownnosingbutIwantthisalot) but go into this show without any expectations so I will have fresh opinions and insight…& I have excellent theater etiquette!

  • Well, you see like the COOLEST producer! Giving away tickets…and not only just giving them to someone, you will go with them!! Not to sound greedy but I would pick your brain at all the producer stuff you know because I’m sure you have some pretty great stories! Lastly, I love the royal family and would love to see it be told in this manner! (Ps, on a graduate student budget it’s not always easy for me to afford shows, even though I want to see everything I can!)

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Roger Nehls says:

    I would be a good a great theatre date/mate as I get lost in the show on stage and allow it to take me to an alternate universe for the duration. I am an avid theatre goer and love to discuss theatre anytime.

  • Joe says:

    I would never drink wine from a sippy cup at the theater.

  • R. Scott says:

    Before the show we would have fun chatting about our mutual friends, including young Daniel David Stewart, who is currently in your Spring Awakening and whose parents I went to college with. You should have seen his mother as Maid Marian and his father as Alan-A-Dale (opposite my Prince John); Sherwood Forest was never the same. We could also chat about my good buddy Caitlin O’Connell, who stood by for Ms Tyne Daly in your Mothers and Sons, an undervalued and important recent work. I currently perform a monologue from it at general auditions. I will refrain from performing it for you at the show. Or we might even chat about young Jon Sprik, who occasionally stepped into the MC role in your 80s Prom. But at intermission, it’s unlikely we’ll talk much, as I dislike pulling myself out of the realm of the play to dissect it before it’s over. After the show, you won’t be able to shut me up. We’ll look forward to the sequel to Charles III (William V), and the sequel to THAT (George VII). Those Brits have a lot to look forward to…And so will you if I am your guest.

  • Noa Saunders says:

    I am enrolled in AP European History with only 12 other kids in my school because it is a very difficult class. As Lin Manuel Miranda is providing AP US History students, I think you should take me to see King Charles III.

  • Kung Ko says:

    I promise to turn off my cell phone and unwrap my candy BEFORE the light dims….

  • Mary says:

    I am a huge theatre lover and love seeing shows & talking about them so I know we would have a fabulous time together 🙂

  • Charles is the Prince of Sharks, right????

  • Chuck Kamenic says:

    I feel I would make a great platonic theater date because I am Artistic, Bearable, Complimentary, Diverse, Eager, Fun, Grateful, Humorous, Inquisitive, Joyful, Kind, Likeable, Mysterious, Nervous, Opinionated, Passionate, Quiet, Rational, Sarcastic, Talkative, Unusual, Vibrant, Witty, Xtreme, Youthful, and Zany.

  • Chuck Kamenic says:

    Darn, too late!

  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    I would be a great person to go with because it seems we have similar tastes in theater. I have seen (and loved) your productions of Godspell, Bridges of Madison County, Daddy Long Legs (once so far, but have plans to see it once more), and Spring Awakening (twice so far, already have tickets for the third time)

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