The Sunday Giveaway: The “Be A Broadway Star” Board Game!

Just in time for the holidays, it’s a Be A Broadway Star board game giveaway!

Be A Broadway Star is one of my most favorite “shower ideas.”   The story of its creation goes like this . . . a long time ago, and in a galaxy called The Upper West Side, my then girlfriend/now wife came home from a party with a bunch of theater friends.  I asked her what they did at the party and she said they played Apples to Apples.

And that made no sense to me.  Why would theater people be playing a non-theater game?

Oh wait, because there wasn’t one.

And then I thought, while standing in the shower, doodling on my shower door, as I often do . . . what if there were a Broadway board game?  If I could get more people across the country world playing a Broadway board game, rather than Apples to Apples wouldn’t that help my mission of amplifying the conversation about Broadway?

So I did it.

And Be A Broadway Star was born.  And four years later, I’m proud to say that my little shower idea is now the #1 Broadway Gift on  (Which by the way, is a reminder that if you’ve got a shower idea – and if you’re reading this blog then you probably have 153 of them – put one into action, you never know what will happen.)

To celebrate our fifth anniversary of the game, we’re giving one away today!  Give it as a gift, keep it for yourself, whatever you choose, it’s your game.

If you win . . .

And how do you win?

Everyone’s favorite part of the board game (which is part charades, part celebrity and a little bit of Lifeis the interactive “Make or Break” cards.  Draw one of those suckers and you’re faced with any number of challenges like . . .

  • Leave the room, and then re-enter like a Hero saying, “Here I come to save the day!”
  • You run into Bernie Telsey in an elevator while he’s casting for a Sondheim musical.  Sing anything Sondheim. Go!
  • Tommy Tune is casting a new tap show.  Show us what you got.  Don’t know tap?  Fake it like you mean it.

You get the idea?  (And in the game, your fellow players decide if you “make it” or “break it.”)

Give us your idea for a new Make or Break card in the comments below and you could win a game.  And hey, maybe you’ll see your idea in the next edition of Be A Broadway Star.  

Good luck!


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  • Luci Jo DeVoy says:

    You didn’t read the breakdown carefully enough and need to be in dance attire. Switch one article of clothing with the person next to you to make your outfit more “Dance wear ready”

  • Rick Hinkson says:

    you’re at jim caruso’s cast party at birdland, ready to sing your best uptempo audition song, but LIZA has just arrived! sing an uptempo liza song instead.



  • Jim Bartruff says:

    Lin Manuel-Miranda is planning a new historical musical and is casting someone that can rap a few beats about any American president. Go!

  • Josh Schneck says:

    You’re in the final stages of auditioning to play the role of the emotionally unstable evil villain. Show the director how you can easily switch between maniacal laughter and full-on sobbing.

  • Amy says:

    You’re not getting any younger – share the story of your first trip to see a Broadway show.

  • Howard Levitsky says:

    John Doyle is casting his actor/musician production of BRIGADOON. After you sing, dance, read and demonstrate your skills on the violin, he asks you to play a Scottish tune on air bagpipes. Go!

  • Lucy says:

    The ghost of Effel Merman returns – sing “There’s No Business Like Shiw Business” in her style.

  • Jennifer says:

    Game card idea: “You’re Patti LuPone. An audience member has just taken a photo or is texting on their phone. Give the audience a monologue about theatre etiquette.”

  • Dick Shuster says:

    “You get a call from your daughter who’s just lost ‘the role they were born to play’ to someone who got he part simply because she’s shorter than the leading man. What do you tell her?”

  • Producer Ken Davenport decides that he wants “to go green” with his new Broadway revival of GYPSY. Describe the costume that you would design for “You Gotta Have a Gimmick” using all recycled items.

  • Genn Gralak says:

    So Fun!!!

  • Lisa says:

    The phone rings. Andrew Lloyd Webber is on the line. You have a conversation with him about his upcoming opening night of School of Rock only using lyrics from his shows.

  • Damian says:

    You’re at the Tony Awards show and unexpectedly win the award for Best Actor/Actress in a Musical. Sing your acceptance speech!

  • Kyrsten Louchen says:

    They’re doing another revival of Street Car
    Give us your best “STELLA!”

  • Joe Marino says:

    Nicol Williamson hits you on your bottom with his sword. You walk off stage and quit the production.

    Lose a turn.

    Alec Baldwin is mad at you because you don’t know your lines. You’re fired.

    Lose a turn.

    You eat fish laced with mercury. You depart the company.

    Lose a turn.

  • Landon says:

    You have been asked to be a NEW cast member in the latest production of FORBIDDEN BROADWAY. The breakdown lists that you MUST have 3 solid “impressions” of notable Broadway stars (past or present). Using the hit songs from their shows or ANY musical theatre song you know, select 3 DIFFERENT performers and perform 3 short snippets while doing your impressions.

  • Geri Weinstein says:

    Reincarnate yourself as Daisy Gamble from “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” and “talk to flowers right here” in front of the group.

  • JoAnn P. says:

    Be a person from the future with a time machine to transport Shakespeare from the play “Something’s Rotten” to Broadway in the year 2015 to see what a future show would look like and have him bring the show back to his time period..Shakespeare must give a synopsis of one of the plays he saw and act out a few lines from that new play.

  • Cara says:

    There’s only one female “newsie” in the show. Get out your newspaper and seize the day all over those headlines.

  • Schomberg and Boublil (the writers of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon) have written an exciting new musical! They will be presenting their new mega-musical in alternating French and English performances featuring a bilingual cast that will tour France, England, and eventually transfer the production to Broadway! You don’t speak French but you want the gig? C’est la vie! But don’t despair. Phonetics and a good performance will help you! For your audition you are asked to sing any one of their songs, alternating French and English verses. Quickly Google the words to the song of your choice! Merde!

  • The make it / brake it card reads ~ If you are a female reading this card ~ You have two minutes to convince the other players you can play the male lead in Hamlet. If you are a male reading this card ~ You have two minutes to convince the other players you can play the female lead in Joan of Arc.

  • Brian p says:

    On your way to open auditions for Hamilton you stop for coffee. Lin-Manuel Miranda just got in queue behind you. Rap for your role!

  • Chuck Kamenic says:

    As we know, especially anyone who listened, downloaded, or read Ken’s Podcast #47 with Tony Award-winning Costume Designer, Gregg Barnes, collaboration is a very important part of any Broadway, (and Beyond!), production. The card reads; Pick a fellow player to sit on your lap who will lyp-synch as you sing the Broadway show tune of your choice for 2 minutes!

  • Emily Lang says:

    You’ve gotten an appointment and you’re auditioning for a casting agent who is casting both Rock of Ages and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Sing one minute clips of two contrasting songs to try and land (at least one!) a callback.

  • Shlomo Willick says:

    You are starting a new Spiderman musical. Sing your opening number.

  • Philip V says:

    Surprise! The lead, understudies, and swing are ALL sick with the flu, so you’re going on as Millie Dillmount tonight! But… you’ve never rehearsed! Improvise a tap routine for the big dance break!

  • Catherine Jampel says:

    Your playing cards with the boys and after a big loss of your buddies bets you the $100,000 you lost if you can land the role at The New Davenport Theater presenting…
    Guys and Dolls……..your card reads ….pick your favorite sinner and portray Runyonesque high roller Sky Masterson(Marlon Brando) as he trys to get a soul saver (Jean Simmons )out on a date to Havana!

  • karen c. says:

    Deaf West’s Spring Awakening has been such a great success that they’re already casting their next big Broadway show. You may not know American Sign Language, but hey, you’re an actor – you can do anything. Sing 16 bars of your favorite audition song as you perform your best ASL interpretation of the lyrics.

  • Nathan Clift says:

    You have a callback for the revival of The Wiz. Grab 3 friends Ease on down the road like nobody’s business

  • Rob L says:

    You’ve been asked to help announce the Tony nominations and you and your show are eligible. You get to your category, and find you have not been nominated. Make up the category and who got nominated, all while keeping cool, calm, and Tony classy!

  • Alex B. says:

    Twyla Tharp is doing a new dance show based on Barry Manilow songs. Give us your best “Copacabana” dance moves.

  • Paul B. Crook says:

    NBC called and you get to choose next year’s live-broadcast musical for the holidays! You have two minutes to make your pitch, including casting the leads. Go!

  • Lisa says:

    You have been granted one wish of playing any role in your favorite Broadway musical past or present, who would you choose and which show? Why?
    *Bonus: Sing a verse of your favorite song from the show you chose.

  • Sue Cohen says:

    Make or Break challenge: Sing a song from your favorite musical, switching your style every few lines between Harvey Fierstein, Barbra Streisand and Idina Menzel.

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