The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Sylvia on Broadway!

Woof!  Woof!

Well someone give me a big ol’ bone sprayed with bacon juice because we’ve got one tail-waggin’ giveaway this week!  It’s two tickets to see Sylvia on Broadway.

Yep, you’re running around in circles right now, you’re so happy, aren’t you?  Aren’t you, boy?  Yes, yes you are!

(If you can’t tell, I miss my yellow lab that passed away a few years ago.)

Sylvia is of course the name of a dog, played to puppy-dog-eyed perfection by former Kinky Boots star Annaleigh Ashford in the revival of the same name that’s on the boards right now.

And one of you is going for free!

Unfortunately your plus one can’t be your dog.  They don’t let those in the theater . . . yet.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t tell me about your pup.  Give me a dog story (or a cat/fish/guinea pig story if you’re not a dog person) in the comments below and I’ll pick one lucky pet owner to win the tickets!

Need an example?

You’ve already heard about Emma, but my first lab was named Mocha.  Because he was mocha.  Once he buried a dead chicken from my neighbor’s farm in my sandbox.

Now yours (and hopefully it doesn’t involve dead things)!


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  • Iris says:

    I’m just gonna dedicate this to my beloved cat who passed away this summer.
    We got him and his sister from animal welfare, who had found them as kittens on a dumpster with their 2 other siblings. They remained incredibly shy towards strangers their entire life and while they really warmed to us, there were certain boundaries, like they wouldn’t let us pet them when we were outside in the garden, only in the house. But when I got home from an exchange semester, having been away for 6 months, I found him in the garden, he came running towards me, threw himself on the ground before me and I had to/was allowed to cuddle him for 10 minutes straight. Didn’t matter it was outside. It was precious!

  • fran says:

    our dog was named Sandy and she was a Pointer/German Shepard mix. We got her from North Shore Animal Shelter on Long Island.

    Sandy was a trouper and would eat almost anything. The one thing she consistently rejected was lettuce. Well, I’d be sitting there eating a sandwich and she’d beg, so I’d tear off a piece for her. If I forgot and gave her some with lettuce, she’d spit it out, with her paw, separate all the ingredients and leave the lettuce on the floor. And I’d apologize. Oops. Sorry, Sandy.

    Another favorite was Christmas. Eight of us would gather at my mom’s to celebrate. When Sandy was around ten, I was playing bartender and spur of the moment, poured a little beer in her water dish. Sandy came to investigate, and slurped. She loved it and it made her really affectionate. She ran towards my very proper grandmother, half jumped in her lap and proceeded to lick her profusely. We all held our breaths, expecting Grandma to explode. Instead she laughed and loved it!

    Miss you Sandy.

  • Corey S. says:

    When I was young child of 10, I was given a female beagle pup. Gender didn’t stop me from naming her Snoopy. And two years later her name proved to be appropriate. One day I was chasing her through the backyard with reckless abandon when I saw her stop and start to dig. I tried to get her to continue playing with me but she was determined and no longer interested in the stick or Frisbee. Soon I was bored and went in to read, forgetting all about her. About an hour later her frantic barking drew me away from my book and back outside. What I found was a deep whole with a small, rusty metal box in the bottom. I quickly pried it open and found an assortment of coins from the early 1900’s. The money stayed a secret between Snoopy and I for a few days until my older brother wrenched them from my hands. He’s never told me what he did with them, but I will always have the memory of how I found buried treasure with the help of my aptly-named dog.

  • Bobbi Smith says:

    WE had a ShiTzu named Lofu (He was born the year of the tiger and we were told that Lofu was tiger in Chinese.) We took him to a local vet who was asked to provide a dog for SNL’s rendition of The Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy’s dog, and he asked if he could use Lofu. We, of course, said yes and called all our friends and relatives (MOM and DAD in Florida) and told them that they HAD to watch SNL. That day there was a terrible snowstorm and I was a little worried about Lofu getting there safely from Westchester. A few hours after handing him over, our doorbell rang and it was the Vet’s assistant. SNL had decided it would be too difficult to have a dog and decided to go with a cat instead. Our big moment to have a member of the family on SNL was aborted. We were SO disappointed!

  • Amram Zeitchik says:

    My cat Snowy was an outdoor cat. On my sisters birthday, my mom opened the door to let her in and in her mouth was some type of animal carcass. We still joke that it was her present to my sister.

  • Alexa B. says:

    When we first got our dog Sandee when I was 6 years old, Sandee would drag me around the yard by my socks when my mom and sister weren’t looking. And they never believed me!

  • Emma B says:

    My current dog is a jack russell/sheltie mix named Lady Macbeth (yes, really). We call her Lady for short, or when we’re in a theatre. 🙂 She’s a rescue dog who came to us with heartworm and many stitches still in her belly as the result of a bad spay job. She was 10 pounds underweight and terrified but she came right over to us and snuggled up on our laps.
    Since living with us, she has grown into a rambunctious, affectionate, determined herding dog. She has no problem with people coming into the house but if they try to leave, she gets very upset. She wants all of her human sheep to be together in the same room. It took a lot of time and training to get her to stop nipping our heels as we moved from room to room!
    One specific thing she does is put away all of her toys and groom them. She’s very particular; when she’s done playing with a toy, it has to go back into the bedroom to join all the others. Then, each night, she takes them out one by one and nibbles on them until she decides they’re clean. She doesn’t rip them apart or chew, just nibbles.

  • My childhood dog Magnet literally ate my homework once. When he was a puppy he used to chew everything and one day got into my a school bag (probably for a sandwich) and ended up chewing up an assignment!

  • Claire says:

    I have two cats who provide me with endless entertainment! One of them loves water, so he sits by the sink constantly, waiting for me to turn it on. Once I do, he sticks his face under the water. It’s hilarious, and he stays clean!

  • Cheryl W. says:

    My beautiful dog Bella, when I proclaim to the family, “dinner is ready” jumps up, tail wagging, goes to the den and gathers everyone to the table. Then she very meticulously sits herself down between chairs as if a guest (and of course she it) and waits until we finish eating.

  • Evan says:

    My dog Pierce would lift his head when you would come home and then realizing it was just you, put his head back down. Sometimes he acted more like a person than a dog. And he liked James Bond movies hence his name.

  • Michael DiGaetano says:

    When I was living in LA in the 90’s, I bought a Collie puppy and named him Dusty.You can see his picture along with my other two dogs Jackson the Dalmatian and Kirby the Golden Retriever on my Facebook page. I was looking to buy some artwork and a friend said a new painter was doing some abstract oils. About $2500 each. My friend brought over four and then I left for the Universal Ampitheatre to see Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mombazzo perform the Graceland concert.
    You guessed it. I got home and two of the paintings were shredded by my innocent little puppy. Luckily my homeowner insurance covered half and ultimately I didnt like the paintings. The dog had great taste.

  • Fran says:

    Mugsy our 151/2 year old 30 lb. mixed breed terrier loves food. He used to wait till we left the house before he went walking across the table looking for crumbs, but since he was about 10 he doesn’t care and goes up even when we are home.
    We also have a pet door and when he steals food he slowly takes it out to what we fondly call “his office”
    We have seen crackers, loaves of bread and other things.
    Imagine our amazement when we found a huge plastic container filled with peanut butter pretzels. How he got it outside and through the pet door is a mystery.
    However, he wasn’t smart enough tofigure out how to twist the top off to eat anything inside.

  • Nicole Hindley says:

    My grandparent’s dog, Molly, would always bark at the TV. Well not always, only when we watched “The Wizard of Oz”. She always barked at Toto! We thought it was a ploy for her to get more attention…because we could never finish “The Wizard of Oz”… sneaky girl!

  • Zanne Hall says:

    I am an animal lover and have more personal cat stories than dog stories but an amazing dog story that caught my eye was the heroic rescue of a dog by another dog friend on a busy highway when the canine was hit by a car and knocked unconscious. It’s on You Tube: It was not only the selfless rescue that was amazing but HOW the dog rescued his friend: he wrapped his front paws around the other dog and dragged him to safety by pulling him with his back legs, like a human might drag something along the ground. The rescued friend was given vet care and lived. The intelligence & compassion that animals exhibit never ceases to amaze me. We oftentimes underestimate them.

  • Nancy Paris says:

    Mr. Ted came to us as an 8 year old rescue. He loved his new toy “Monkey Man” so much, he ate his arm off. The vet x-rayed him and not only was the arm in his stomach, but an open safety pin attached to the arm. He needed surgery and when they gave him the shot prior to the anesthetic, it made him nauseous and he barfed up Monkey Man’s arm. And the safety pin. In one rightous heave he saved his parents $3,000. God love him.

  • Stephen says:

    Sad but sweet – my dog Sandy and cat Cinnamon were best friends and would sleep together and play together and do everything together. As they got older, they both got sick and weaker, but kept holding on – seemingly for the other. The day Sandy died, Cinnamon seemed weaker than ever and the next morning, we woke up and she was gone as well. They really were holding on for the other and I know are cuddling still in Cat/Dog Heaven – or I guess the Heavyside Layer.

  • Philip I. says:

    My dog Avery is a delightful little gem of a pitbull. She has a mean bark, but the second you are in range she will smother you with attention and love. She’s multi-talented and can do a myriad of tricks and even sing along with a handful of songs. However, what Avery is not very good at is standing up to certain noises. She’s terrified of flying bugs, especially the buzzing of their wings. It’ll send her directly under a blanket or the covers. But her biggest fear could be herself, well, her flatulence. If she happens to pass gas, her ears perk up and she scrambles as far away from the room as possible. Well, I guess she can’t be good at everything!

  • Susan A says:

    My dog Brandy saved my life, my husband’s and my baby daughter’s life. She was a German Shepard-Collie mix we got from the animal shelter. She was such a great dog and actually had a sense of humor. I was an exhausted new mom and put baby bottles in water on the stove to boil to sterilize them. I forgot about them and went to sleep. At 2:00AM I was sound asleep when Brandy came to my bedside trying to talk. She didn’t bark but instead was trying to speak in a weird doggy way. I knew something was wrong and then started to smell burning plastic. I ran downstairs to the kitchen as the house started to fill with smoke. I kept running outside to take a few deep breaths, then would run back into the house to throw open more windows holding my breath in the acrid smoke. Then run back outside to take more deep breaths four or five times until the house was less smoke-filled. About three minutes later, the darn smoke alarm went off. Thanks for nothing great smoke alarm! Brandy had warned us of our impending doom way before the smoke alarm did. Brandy passed away about 10 years ago but I will always be grateful to her for saving our lives. She was the greatest dog ever in every way!

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    I have a darling, devoted chihuahua, named Burt. I adopted him from “EarthAngels”, an organization to find homes for shelter dogs, run by a remarkable woman named Ermelinda Hernandez. He was only six months old and weighed 7 lbs. He is a total bundle of joy. He is great company and sits on my lap all the time. He gives me so much affection and attention. He growls when I rub his belly – like a cat’s purr. Quite unique and adorable.


    My second (of four) Weimaraner dogs was named Talia. She had anemia at age 8 that all the regular Vets didn’t know how to treat. They all sent her home with me to die. “Make her comfortable”, they told me.
    I cried and cried and cried for weeks…..AND PRAYED. I asked everyone I know to please pray for my Talia. One night while cuddling with Talia, and crying, I had a revelation. I realized that Talia did not belong to me, she belonged to G-d, who allowed for me to care for his most beautiful creature. I talked directly and literally handed Talia back to G-d, and begged him to be gentle in taking her to Doggie Heaven.
    The very next day, I received not one, but two, separate phone calls from total unconnected strangers. They heard of my Talia’s anemia, and both referred me to the exact same holistic vet in the Berkshires. THANK YOU G-D. Talia and I were at this amazing holistic Vet’s doorstep waiting for him at 9:00am the very next morning. Following his nutritional guidance, my Talia lived another 4.5 years until 12.5 years old, and was not sick even one day in all those 4.5 years. Had I won a $100million lottery, without G-d having led me to Dr. Conrad Kruesi (now fully retired and no longer practicing….) I would not have had the joy of giving my precious Talia a long and full and healthy life. She was my $100million dog. Thank you G-d. Thank you Dr. Conrad Kruesi .

  • Sue Cohen says:

    My energetic cat Maxi would run down the hall in our apartment in Hoboken then leap up and grab a light switch, turning lights on or off. Too bad we didn’t film her because a cat once won $10,000 for its owner on America’s Funniest Home Videos doing the exact same thing.

  • Anne Marie Schultz says:

    How just 2 weeks ago I became the owner of an FIV positive two year old abandoned cat named Baxter….I got this text from my 11 year old…(Rita is her cat allergic babysitter, who also agreed!)

    Dear Mom,

    Could you please take in Baxter? Rita is only there for a couple hours, and he can stay up on the fourth floor. He doesn’t have to go in your room and get hair all over your stuff, I’ll keep him out. And I’ll clean up all of the cat hair with a lint roller, and I will play with him and get him his food and I will love him and care for him so that you won’t have to do anything for him. I’ll buy the best food with the most protein, get him the comfiest bed, I’ll take him to the vet if he is sick, and every other care need he wants/needs I will do it. I will do research to find the best food, I will save up money to buy him one of those carpet cat scructures, and the thought couldn’t even cross my mind to slack off. I love Baxyer more than anything, he is the sweetest, nicest, friendliest, calmest, cutest cat I have ever met, and if I sent him somewhere else I don’t know how I would live without him, I would wonder where he went, make sure they are taking the best possible care of him, and almost all of the places to send him are killing shelters, and he has a disease that he can’t be around other cats so he would make other cats sick. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please can I keep him? I don’t think you understand how much I love this cat. Iva been in love with this guy since the day I met him, and I don’t know how I ever could let him go.

    Sincerely, Margo Molly

  • Larry & Sherri Segall says:

    20 years, ago, we had a soft coated wheatie, named Casey, who we left home, out of her house and while we were gone, for several hours,she was annoyed and with her little teeth, unzipped 4 couch pillows and took out all of the padding inserts. It was raining white cushions. what a day.

  • Francesca says:

    I’ve never had a pet, but my friend’s dog once grabbed an entire box of pizza from their counter top and ate the whole darn thing. Talented/scary.

  • Ed from CT says:

    I didn’t want a dog. My wife really did want a dog.
    So, I said, if you can find a dog that is smart, great with kids, easy to train, not large, adorable, hypo-allergenic, doesn’t shed and is playful (but gentle)- then you can get a dog. And I figured I was safe.
    Two weeks later my wife says, “I found the dog.”
    He is a white coton de tulear and, for the past 10 years, has been the perfect dog and I thank my wife all the time for bringing Max (short for Maxwell Smart Dog) into our lives.

  • Jeryl M. says:

    We had a rabbit that scared a dog. My Uncle had a big dog and we had a rabbit named Peter. My Uncle decided to see what happened if he put his dog near our rabbit. Well , lucky for him while Peter was very friendly and went right over to the dog, the dog got scared and ran away.

  • David Rigano says:

    I’d been thinking of getting a cat. My parents had even given me their old cat carrier and litter box, but I was apprehensive about adopting an animal. One day my friend posted on Facebook that she’d found a cat abandoned in a cardboard box in a parking lot and brought it home. She’d named him Chance, but she couldn’t keep him and was looking to find him a permanent home. I knew this was the shove I needed and said I’d take him in. That was over three years ago, and I couldn’t imagine life without him. Plus he’s a total daddy’s boy!

  • Dana Vance says:

    i found my little dog, Sweetie, one block from my house. She had been abandoned, tied to a bush on a swelteringly hot day. She just had pups, but I couldn’t find any of them. I took her in, and she turned out to be the best dog in the world. She inspired me to write a musical, “The Bitches of Ditmas Park.” She passed away last year at 16…..I never cried so much in my life. She was my little soul mate.

  • Lisa Weiss says:

    My dog was a miniature schnauzer, jet black in color. We had him since I was 7 years old. He thought he was a much bigger dog. When I would walk him at night he would bark at people, and because of his color, people didn’t see him, they only saw a little girl with a loud bark. He would get loose, and go after german shepherds in heat, they would pish on him, it was awful. In his mind, he was a great big dog, in our hearts he was bigger.

  • Emme Shuchart says:

    My dog Daisy is a golden retriever who loves “people chow” just a little too much. One night we had made a corned beef and after dinner everyone went outside. While what we hadn’t realized is that we left the corned beef a little too close to the edge of the island. We came back inside to find Daisy standing in the kitchen grinning ear to ear with a mouthful of corned beef. She looked just so pleased with herself we couldn’t even be mad. We call that her corned beef smile and now every time we make corned beef we make sure to push it all the way to the center. After we throw her a few pieces obviously!

  • Hannah Crews says:

    When I was younger I had two tadpoles, named Flip and Flop. Flip was the more energetic of the two; Flop was the more sickly pale one. Flip lived up to his name by swimming upside down all the time, which scared me and my sister quite a bit when we would wake up and find him floating at the top of the water upside down, feigning death. Flip didn’t survive to see frogism, and several months after Flip died Flop still hadn’t become a frog either. So my sister brought him to a pet blessing at my church for St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day. Two days later he sprouted legs! (Okay, we also changed his food around that time. But the former is more exciting, okay?)

  • After my grandmother passed away, we had a bunch of old junk in our house that had been lying around her place for years. One day, my dog, Cicero, got into one of the boxes with Grammy’s stuff. When we looked to see what he had, he was chewing on an old shotgun shell. We took it away from him ve-ery carefully…

  • Cara says:

    My second cat has always been a little skiddish. In fact the first few months I had her I wasn’t able to pet or hold her. Finally, one day I was able to pick her up and hold her. I was beyond happy, taking mirror selfies of is and all. I guess my head was in the clouds bc as I left the house right after I promptly fell down the stairs and broke my tailbone.

  • Jeff Miele says:

    My wife and I got married this year, October 9, 2015. Shortly before the wedding we adopted our dog Nico from a rescue charity, he was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina. His foster parents held onto him for us during our wedding and honeymoon. Our plane landed in Newark, we jumped in the car, and drove to pick Nico up. We walked into our apartment as a married couple for the first time already with our puppy. We have tons of stories of all the puppy antics he’s gotten himself into, but the best thing about him is he’s built our family to a family of 3. Raising him over the last month has been a journey my wife and I have cherished and the best part is we have become even better partners than we already were.

  • Lisa Aldrich says:

    We have one dog named Binx (named after the Star Wars character.) Binx is a very blond male Labrador retriever who once had a chocolate lab brother named Chewey ( after a Star Wars character also). I called the two of them Esau and Jacob! Binx was a big, very HAPPY yellow lab ( with a faint strawberry tint) who was a born hunter and was always accidentally getting everyone ( especially his brother) in trouble. Binx would sell his soul for food. And, he is an alpha dog! He often would growl at Chewey and eat his food as well as his own.

    Chewey, on the other hand, was the smarter dog. He was the escape artist and the more introverted one. We nicknamed him “Chewdini” because he loved to dig out from his pen and chew holes to get out when we put the pen on concrete!

    But Binx loved an adventure and his right-paw-dog was by his side for every one, aiding in the escape! Unfortunately, when they escaped at night, Binx would dash off, Chewey would follow, but cars could only see Binx with his lighter coat. Our darker friend got hit twice by cars. He couldn’t escape the night traffic!

    Unfortunately, the adventures of Binx and Chewey were harder on Chewey than Binx and our escape artist has found his entrance into the doggy other world! And Binx ( now nearly 13) is dreaming and “running in his dreams” (his legs moving rapidly in his sleep) with his beloved brother and side-kick by his side! Sweet dreams Binx! We miss you Chewey!

  • Gary Johnson says:

    Our beagle Shadow is a lovable rascal who, when he finds food unattended, carries it upstairs and chows down under the bed where he can feast in peace. One day, I called him from the backyard. Shaking the box of Milk Bones usually ALWAYS has him come a runnin’ but THIS time he stayed lying in the grass with a way to innocent look on his face. Turns out he was lying on a stolen chicken carcass which he was loath to surrender. We couldn’t believe how sly he was. Sorry, HAD to use the something dead story. Shadow is 10 now, slowing down but still a lot of fun!

  • sarah safford says:

    Once we were driving upstate – my son Sam, his friend Timmy and our dog Scampi – and we stopped in Westchester to pick up my friend. The boys and Scampi got out to pee, my friend got in, and we drove off. Two hours later Sam said, “where’s Scampi?” and I screeched to a stop. When I realized we had left Scampi behind I made a Uturn and sped back, crying and calling the police, panicking at the thought that he was lying dead or maimed somewhere by the side of the road. I finally reached the animal control officer who had been chasing Scampi for the last hour, along with a gang of neighborhood kids . He had been evading them, running away but staying close to where we had left him. He knew we would come back and when we drove up and and he ran into my arms it was one of the best moments of my life!

  • Brittany says:

    We thought my bird was a male until it started laying eggs. Needless to say, we had to change his name.

  • Lynne says:

    My recently departed English Springer Spaniel Emma was a “special” dog in many ways. My husband thought that she was “on the spectrum” since she did not seem interested in playing with other dogs (or people other than us) and she could spend hours chasing the shadow from the reflection off of his watch face. Yet Emma was still a hunting dog at heart – we got her from an ad on a website called “gun dogs online”. Once when we were visiting our country house, she came prancing in from the woods with something in her mouth and proudly dropped it at my husband’s feet. It was half of a dead bird. She had not injured it; she just wanted to show us what she had found…..

  • Kimberly Gaugh says:

    My labrador retriever, Daisy, believes she is human – whenever we have company, the company needs to go over and say hello to her. If not she feels totally left out. Then she joins the family in the dining room while we talk, and sits as joining in the conversation. She also sings with my dad. There is a song he constantly sings to her and when he sings, she howls in a small voice as if accompanying him in the song. She is 9 years old and very human.

  • My husband and I adopted our first dog together. He and I both have names that begin with E, and we wanted our dog also to have a name that began with E. We had just brought home a beautiful fluffy black puppy. It took us several hours to come up with the name Ebony. Duh?!?

  • Candace says:

    My cat “Salem” (an indoor cat) used to have a friend, “Tigger” (an outdoor cat) visit him and taunt him through a low window next to my front door. One morning we found 3 field mice, neatly lined up outside the door. I guess he really wanted Salem to come out and play!

  • Brian S. says:

    I have a pit bull named Petey and he is either the PERFECT Watch Dog or a TERRIBLE one. A few years ago after adopting him my brother was sitting in the living room watching TV when a stranger entered the house. Petey was either laying at the top of the stairs or in the living room and when the stranger entered all Petey did was watch him. My brother wound up having to get up off the couch and (I think) push the guy out of the house before he called 9-11 to notify them. It seems a psych patient from the local hospital down the block escaped and somehow made it all the way to our house and decided to walk in. I don’t think anyone was harmed and I think he was captured and taken back to the hospital. So either Petey is a great watch dog or a terrible one 😉

  • Karl P says:

    We always thought our dog “Cookie” was so good! We let her out in our fenced yard to “do her thing” and get some exercise and she would bark when she wanted to come in.

    One day our neighbor remarked our dog didn’t like it when he told her to go home. We asked, “What do you mean?” He told us Cookie would wander all over, and was probably jumping back and forth over the fence without our knowledge! We had to raise the fence after that!

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    When I lived in Florida, the owners of the house I rented from had a huge German shepherd named Dave. He was the most well behaved dog, trained as a guard for the house and always the most obedient canine…until someone mentioned the word “squirrel”. At that, he would literally lose it and go insane until someone let him outside to run circles around the house ensuring there were no furry trespassing rodents in the yard

  • Lisa says:

    I’m not sure where to begin, I have so many dog stories with volunteering at a shelter. This one deals with two dogs I was caring for. Anytime I workout, the dogs ignores me, UNLESS, I’m doing Pilates where I am in any position on all fours. Apparently this is the signal to hump me. It never failed. After a couple times (thinking it was a fluke), I had to put them outside to do certain core exercises. Imagine me on all fours, a lab lab attached to me (humping) and a little black pug humping the lab. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • When I was in high school we had two cats. Bart (a cool big black cat) and Clarissa (a sweet petite calico cat). They were indoor/outdoor cats who would come and go as they pleased. Clarissa went into heat. She moaned and writhed around on the floor in front of Bart begging him to have sex with her. He didn’t. A few weeks later the same thing happened. Bart was not interested. A few weeks after that Bart and Clarissa finally had sex. Constantly. All over the house. Clarissa got pregnant. Bart split. Seriously. He never came back into the house again. We would occasionally see him at night lurking on the back patio. True story.

  • karen c. says:

    Our dog Chippie loved to be outside. He had plenty of balls and toys to play with but always preferred to play with things he found – sticks, rocks and dirt and such. His favorite “toy” was a rather large rock. If we said “go get your ball,” he would fetch the rock (with some difficulty) and bring it back to us. Go figure.
    I had a rug designed showing Chippie proudly sitting next to his rock….still makes me smile.

  • Randi says:

    My hamster got out of the cage and then went into a hole in the kitchen. Had to be lured out!

  • When I was little my mom brought home a white baby bunny from the farm that she worked at. I immediately fell in love and named the bunny Snowball. I loved hand feeding her, petting her and playing with her. Then she fell sick because it was winter and she was too cold. We did what we could but it wasn’t enough and one morning I woke up to find my poor baby bunny passed away in the night. I’ll never forget my precious beautiful Snowball! ❄️

  • Mark Kaufman says:

    Chipper was Grandma Shirley’s beloved dog’s name, and Yorkshire Terrier was his breed. As faithful a dog who would cuddle up to you as there was, for 9 years! But when, after almost a decade of sitting on Grandma’s lap, Shirley took a part-time, sales job in a kids’ clothing store, Chipper went into a year-long funk. His companion was not there for him all the time, as she had been for almost ten years.

    He started to let his displeasure be known by biting and tearing anything that his paws or teeth could latch onto. First he ripped up the kitchen linoleum, next the bedroom carpet. He roamed the apartment like an avenger while Grandma worked. She tried confining him to the bathroom with his chew toys and bowl of water at the ready, but Chipper bit his way through the corner of the hollow wooden bathroom door. There was only one place to keep him: in the bathtub, behind the closed glass shower doors. Apparently he began jumping up and trying to grab onto the faucets….one by one his teeth broke off….until he inadvertently turned on the water and scared himself to death….literally. Grandma found her beloved companion, paws up, in the damp bathtub. In tears she called us to help. I drove over with a black plastic leaf bag…..and carried Chipper off to Gtrandpa’s Long Island parking lot where he buried Grandma’s unofficial third child next to a corner tomato garden. Grandma never did replace Chipper……and mourned him many a night as she watched her beloved Johnny Carson……

  • Kerry Zukus says:

    My first dog was a beautiful cock-eared gold and white mutt named Timmy. Why Timmy? Because on television Timmy owned Lassie, so if I owned Timmy, I’d be even luckier than the kid on TV.

  • Andrew says:

    I never thought I’d get another cat after my pal Mikey passed away last summer. This black and white short hair had been with me through a number of life changing events including a layoff (after nearly 30 years of service), the suicide of a former boyfriend, and the sudden collapse and death of his own sister who was less than 7 years old. But Mikey was always ready for a cuddle and knew just when it was appropriate to curl up beside me though he never took to belly rubs like his eager sister did. It was hard to euthanize him after he developed cancer, but it didn’t seem worth it to put him through chemo for such a limited success rate and increased lethargy. I was convinced that I was over pets.
    This past summer however some friends down the street were tending for at least three strays in a neighborhood where people seem to drop off unwanted pets fairly regularly. The entire neighborhood had adopted as many of the cats as they could handle and asked if I would be interested in one of the new strays.!!i took a look at this beautiful calico with the squished face and decided she was worth a try. She gets friendlier by the day, spends more time willingly as a lap cat and tends to follow me from room to room. She’ll even cuddle occasionally in bed and is now sitting on the back of my chair as I write this. Unfortunately I didn’t realize she had long hair until the neighbors brought her over after luring her into a carrier with sardines. It seems she loses twice her size each day in hair!

  • Tzivi says:

    I never had a dog, but I grew up with a parakeet. His name was Perchy and I got him for my 9th birthday. He lived for 10 years and died only a few years ago 🙁 I miss his chirping but I’m also happy he lived that long.

  • Robert Rubin says:

    His name was Hubie. It really was a name that did not fit a dog, but everyone said he looked like a Hubie. This dog stayed with us for 19 years. He never did a bad thing during his entire life. The kids of the family loved playing with Hubie. Yes, he did have a few bad habits like Sylvia, but the children seemed to ignore his bad habits. May the memory of Hubie live on.

  • Kyrsten Louchen says:

    My dog Anya had to get her leg amputated earlier this year because of a tumor she had growing, because of her sutures the vet made her a shirt with one arm whole sown over. It would get dirty so ever week or so we would make her a new shirt and make such a fuss whenever we changed it that she started prancing around modeling her new attire. When we went back to the vet to get her stitches out she went room to room visiting the staff and showing off her outfit.

  • My favorite memory of my dog Buster is when he’d follow me around the house after I came home from being away for a while – at school, or now living in New York. It showed that he missed me as much as I missed him. He passed away a year ago, after almost 15.5 years with us.

  • Rob Cote says:

    My brother had a pet hermit crab. It did nothing but he loved it.

    • Sarah says:

      I’ll never understand why people want hermit crabs – like you said, they don’t do anything, and their cages smell terrible! And they’re so much work! I don’t get the appeal at all…

      I’m a dog person to the core – even though I don’t have a dog right now, and even have a cat. I’ll get the golden lab of my dreams some day, and it will be awesome.

  • Christa deSanti says:

    When I was a very young girl I had a cat I named Ringo. Oops, perhaps I named my cat wrong because one day Ringo had kittens.

  • Kelsey Gilchriest says:

    We got my labradoodle, Annie, on Craigslist from another family who couldn’t take care of her anymore. The day she arrived she was so scared, clearly traumatized by being dumped by her previous family. My mom needed to buy her a bed and dog food, so she went out and left me alone with the scared little puppy. I thought she looked like the dog Sandy from the Kathy Bates version of “Annie,” she had the same wiry fur, and while her color was more red, her face looked just like the dog in the movie. So of course I popped the film in the VHS player and lay on the floor while Annie explored our house. I kid you not, at the scene where Sandy comes and steals Annie’s corn, my Annie came up and laid right up against me and put her chin in my lap. She stayed that way through the rest of the movie, even after mom came home with all of her new goodies. I still sing “Maybe” when Annie gets scared during thunderstorms…it calms her down.

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