Who won the tickets to Men are from Mars . . . in NYC and in Chicago?

If everyone has an opinion, then everyone and their mother has an opinion about what you should do with your love life, right?

That’s why I asked you what was the best romantic advice you’ve ever gotten for this week’s Giveaway, and you didn’t disappoint.  In fact, I wish I had written this blog when I was 16 and looking for a date to the Prom.

But if you want my piece of romantic advice, it’s this . . . a long term relationship is like two people, reading the same book at the exact same time.  When you start, you both are on the exact same page.  But, after a while, it’s not uncommon for one to get ahead of the other, or the other to want to take more time with a specific chapter.  What’s important is that at some point the other partner slows down to let the other catch up, or the other to speed up to match the other partner.  You won’t stay on the same page all the time, and that’s ok, but you’ve got to make sure you meet along the way.

Ok, that’s my analogy for the day.  Maybe I should just skip to giving advice about Broadway.

So let’s give some tickets away, shall we?

And remember, we’re giving away a pair of tickets for both the NYC production and the Chicago productions of Men Are From Mars . . .

The winner of the tickets in NYC is . . . Ascenza Montalbano!

The winner of the tickets in Chi-town is . . . Crystal Carter!

Congrats!  Email me to get your tickets.

And I hope you take a heck of a date to the show.


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