Fun on a Friday: RepubliCATS

How timely this video is . . . not just because we had yet another Republican debate this week, but because I’m hearing some purring on the street that there may be a cat-tastic announcement coming in the New Year.

To tide you over ’til then, and just in case you didn’t laugh enough while watching the actual Republican debate, enjoy RepubliCATS . . . a parody video from the same folks who brought you The Broadway Draft!

(And I wonder what musical they’ll use to parody the Democrats . . . I’m thinking Annie myself, but with Hillary in the title role, and Bernie Sanders as Daddy Warbucks.)

Have a fun-filled Friday everyone!

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In an effort to help the voters decide the primary, The Iowan Republican Committee hires Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to stage live entertainment starring the Republican candidates.

Posted by RepubliCATS on Tuesday, December 15, 2015


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  • George Matusek says:

    Thanks for posting this parody. And thanks again for livestreaming “Daddy Long-Legs” last Thursday — that afternoon I attended the touring company’s matinee performance of “Wicked” at the Fox Theatre in Saint Louis. Then I went home to my apartment and was able to watch a 2nd musical that same day. It was a good day! I might mention that I had looked up the credits of Emily Koch at Broadway World in preparation for seeing her as Elphaba, but we were treated to her understudy instead, Mary Kate Morrissey — no matter — Mary Kate was wonderful, a tribute to how carefully that show is cast. I sent her an appreciative Christmas card. As for your Jerusha in “Daddy Long-Legs,” what can I say? — Megan was WONDERFUL! So many talented Equity performers on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in the touring companies! It is encouraging that young performers still make the effort to master such skills — in plays, musicals, and in classical music concerts — it gladdens the heart of this 78-year-old who saw his first stage musical (“Guys and Dolls”) in the 1950s. I had been one of those pesky 14-year-old magicians who went to see the elaborate stage show of Blackstone the Magician — in the lobby I saw a poster for “Guys and Dolls” and bought a ticket — I’ve been hooked ever since on stage musicals and plays.

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