Podcast Episode 48 – Daryl Roth


(After yesterday’s breaking news, we now return to our regularly scheduled podcast.)

Get this.

Daryl Roth has produced seven Pulitzer Prize-winning plays.

That should give you an idea about how good her taste is in material.

Seven, people!  Seven!

That would be more than enough to fill out most people’s resume.  But Ms. Roth’s goes well beyond that, with a slew of Broadway productions and Off Broadway productions, including the 2013 Tony Award-winning Best Musical, Kinky Boots (which was all her baby, from that very first idea to the four productions currently playing all around the world).

Daryl took a break from being one of the most prolific Producers around and chatted with me about her perspective on Broadway, Off Broadway and much more, including . . .

  • How listening to a voice inside her that she never heard before got her to produce her very first show.  And how you should listen to the same one.
  • Why aren’t there more women lead Producers?  Is there still an old Broadway boys’ club?  And what can we do about it?
  • How Kinky Boots was born.
  • What she looks for when picking a producing partner (listen to this podcast to hear from one of those partners himself).
  • Why after all this Broadway success, she still remains committed to Off Broadway.

A quick listen to this podcast, and you’ll quickly realize why Daryl is known in the biz as one of the classiest Producers we have, with a style totally her own.  She proves that you don’t have to rule with an iron producing fist to achieve success in this business.  You have to love your product, and love the people who work on that product, and the rest will just come.

Enjoy my conversation with Daryl Roth, because I know I sure did.

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