The Sunday Giveaway: A $100 Goldstar Gift Certificate!

You know what’s better than tickets?

Cash to buy tickets.

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Now that’s branding, right?

Goldstar arrived on our shores several years ago and has been providing great ticket deals to NYC audiences ever since.

And get this, they’ve started this really fun initiative called “Show Day” taking place on December 26th, encouraging all of us to get out and see a show, with Cyndi Lauper as the day’s Grand Marshall!

To help promote that day, they’ve given me $100 in Goldstar bucks to give to you to spend on their site . . . and they’ve got all sorts of shows on there, including a couple of mine, BTWs.

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Goldstar’s “Show Day” promotion is a terrific effort to start a new tradition the day AFTER Christmas, after all the unwrapping, eating, etc. is done.

Do you have a post-Xmas tradition?  What do you do after all the Santa stuff is over?  Are you a Chinese food and movie family?  (And why isn’t that Chinese food and a show?)

Tell me your holiday tradition on the day of or day after Christmas, and you could win $100.  Comment below!


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  • Peg Caruso says:

    Broadway and/or off broadway is our post Christmas tradition! I often say my daughter who now lives in asheville gets more broadway sick than homesick!

  • Leftovers and putting the kid’s toys together!

  • Amram Zeitchik says:

    Post-Christmas tradition- using all the present we’ve gotten at least once

  • Aggie says:

    My friends and I (all in our 20s) live quite a distance away but we make sure we catch a musical together every month. Post christmas is the only time we don’t watch shows. We will get together for a cookie swap. Nothing like spending time together and getting fat together. 🙂

  • Ann Kram says:

    Ice skating!

  • Tiffany says:

    Post Christmas Tradition: sleeping in late, and later in the day playing a killer game of boggle with all the adult kids and any of the older kids willing to step into the fray!

  • Nancy Paris says:

    On the 26th I let my gift cards fulfill their destiny.

  • Corey S. says:

    On the day after Christmas my wife and I treat ourselves to something nice after months of worrying about others’ wishes. Sometimes it’s dinner and a show or maybe just something that we wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves.

  • rita says:

    Buying Christmas cards and wrapping paper half price for next year!

  • Sarah P. says:

    Well, I usually have to go back to work the day after Christmas, I’m afraid, but if I could I’d sleep in late and eat leftovers and play board games. 🙂

  • We take the kids in my family out for ice cream the day after and go putt putt. My family celebrates in Florida.

  • David Rigano says:

    We have family with varying obligations all over the place. So, frequently our day-after-Christmas tradition is to have another Christmas with those who couldn’t be together on the actual day. This year I have tickets to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, so hopefully I’m starting a new tradition!

  • Laurie B. says:

    Every year there’s usually a big blockbuster movie released Christmas week. We always go either Christmas night or the day after! This year is obviously a Star Wars year!

  • Philip V says:

    Each year on Christmas morning, we make cinnamon rolls and eat breakfast together as a family before we open any of our presents, so that we all spend some time with one another before we worry about who got what.

  • Lawrence Starr says:

    Ken, we more often than not come down from MA to see shows on Broadway; this time, we have tickets on the day after Christmas for Fun Home and China Doll. One Christmas Day a few years back we saw Golda’s Balcony with Tovah Feldshuh; after the show she came back on stage and talked to the 2/3 full theater. She asked “do we have any Christian’s in the audience”. There weren’t very many! Then she talked about playing Golda for a full 10 minutes; it was a most memorable Christmas for this Jewish boy! 🙂

  • Jason Silverman says:

    Every year, I pick the longest and least Christmas movie to see in theatres. Whether it’s Inherent Vice or The Wolf of Wall Street, it has to be followed by dirt cheap greasy Chinese food.

  • EllenFD says:

    Since most everybody in my family has the 25th off, we take advantage of the shared free day, vote on a movie (very little theater offered that day), and head for whatever eatery is open, preferably Thai or, yes, Chinese.

  • Larry Segall says:

    Post Xmas/Chanukah RitesOf Passage, Going out for Mediterranean Food, Ice Skating Outdoors in Westport,Ct. and then off to the movies for a late show and home by the fire playing with Shiloh, our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, A Great Time Of Year With My Beautiful Wife of 33 Years.

  • Noah P says:

    Goin to to the theatre!

  • Boardgames… especially Scrabble.

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    Day after Christmas there’s only one place to be: Bloomies 1/2 price Christmas sale!

  • James T says:

    In some parts of the world the day after Christmas is Boxing day, so though not as it is intended it is our boxing day, we start boxing up and putting away all the holiday decor.

  • Rafi Levavy says:

    Christmas is my mother’s birthday. We go up to the Berkshires and have a nice dinner. (This works, since we’re Jewish and don’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional way.) And my day after Christmas tradition has, for the past few years, been to drive down to NYC really early in the morning, since I’ve been working on shows that start rehearsal on 12/26 for the past few years. There are worse problems to have than employment. 🙂

  • Brian p says:

    My brothers and I go to a movie on December 26. Not exciting but we look forward to the time together

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    We used to have a tradition for many years the day after Christmas where we would go buy a new piece for our holiday village from Department 56 because they always had a big sale that day.

  • Jeryl M. says:

    We don’t celebrate Christmas. Our tradition is either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to go to the movies.

  • Corine says:

    I see a show every year. This year I am having sushi and drinks before Allegiance.

  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    I try to see a bunch of shows while I’m off for the holidays
    (Currently intermission of Spring Awakening :)!

  • Eva Mack says:

    We have another Christmas following the in-law Christmas.

  • Megan S says:

    My family always spends the day after Christmas going to the movie theaters!! ????

  • Robin Elrod says:

    We live in Pittsburgh, PA, so there’s never really a live show playing in Christmas Day. We go see a movie every year, and recently we’ve had great luck with movie musicals being out (most recently Les Mis, Inti the Woods). Not sure what we’ll see this year!!

  • Cheryl S. says:

    You hit on the nose-I’m a movie & Chinese food gal on Christmas Day.

  • Stephen says:

    Shopping at Old Navy. And keeping fingers crossed that any store still carrying Hanukkah items thinks that they, too, should go on sale the day after Christmas.

  • We do the movies and Chinese food thing; in fact, this year I’m coordinating it for my synagogue (look at tasnorthridge-motas (dot) org > Activities > Jewish Christmas. In fact, that’s the *only* day I go to a movie: It is live theatre every weekend. The day after Christmas is “The Bridges of Madison County” at the Ahmanson, and Sunday is “Nunsense” at Crown City Theatre (This weekend was “If/Then” at the Pantages)!

  • Lisa says:

    Since we are Jewish we call Christmas day “nothing to do day”. Usually a movie is on the schedule. We do try to get to NY every year or so to see as many shows as we can in a few days though.

  • Matthew Kopietz says:

    We wake up early and start coffee sit down together and talk. Then we have breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes and juice. Then we get yo cooking while singing and having Christmas movies playing. We go to our grandparents house and have a family time with them. Then we come home and enjoy hot chocolate while we have out family time at home.

  • R. Scott says:

    Bloody Marys! We opened all presents Christmas morning, first thing. But afterwards, the adults would mix up a big batch of Bloody Marys to hold us over until the Big Christmas Dinner.

  • Ray Quirolgico says:

    Years ago my mother (and later, my sister) and I decided that as adults, we didn’t need to give each other gifts any longer. So now we give to charities we want to support. And the best part of Christmas: I take them out on “dates” – dinner (or lunch, and yes that can be Chinese food) and a Broadway show! That’s the best way to treat someone to a great gift! (This year, Mom and Sis are coming to me in Los Angeles, but the tradition does not stop: I’m taking them to see the touring production of a New York City story, “If/Then!”)

  • In Australia it was always a Boxing Day day on the harbor! Yes, boats! Beautiful. Here in New York it’s probably just sleeping off the festivities of the day before! (And some late afternoon chinese food delivery)

  • Bette says:

    I love the idea of “Show Day”, so much I will see “Invisible Thread” at 2nd Stage. It is their closing weekend & heard it is a must see 🙂 Hope to make this a tradition for every December 26th!!

  • Eddie says:

    We take a family quiz to remember the good things we accomplished each year

  • Claire says:

    We go skiing the day after Christmas (it’s a good way to work off some of that huge Christmas dinner from the night before!).

  • Rob says:

    My family usually sits around and talks, spends time together, and just enjoys it all. A few years, my aunt and I have done going to see a movie after dinner and all, or we just stay in and watch Christmas movies. I have a tradition of trying to see A Christmas Story on its loop as many times as I can.

  • B.J. says:

    My daughter, who lives in NYC, visits us in Orlando and my family goes to Disney World.

  • Linda S. says:

    We used to go shopping for Christmas ornaments, etc., but I try to avoid the mall now (the second largest one in the country is in my town–too crowded!). So now I try to go to a great garden with greenhouses, like Winterthur or Longwood Gardens. But if I were close to NYC, I’d definitely take in a show!

  • Rosie says:

    We plan to rush out to the stores for half price sales…we usually take a quick look at the madness and the crowds and run the other way…off to a nice relaxing lunch and a movie or evening show.

  • Yoni Weiss says:

    Post Channukah Tradition: Watch the film version of Fiddler on the Roof.
    Post Christmas Tradition: Watch the film version of Mame.

    Both were started by my great-grandmother for reasons that remain unknown and slightly bizarre to my entire family.

  • Mark S. says:

    In Canada, December 26th — Boxing Day — is our Black Friday. There is always a lot of shopping to be done, especially if it comes to music, movies, books. It’s often when I’ll stock up on sheet music that I’ve put off buying during the year, or use the sales at a music store to purchase cast albums.

  • Ed K. says:

    Well, when our kids were home we would play board games- like Risk or Monopoly or Be A Broadway Star- you know, the classics.
    But, with them away at schooll now, we are looking at new traditions.
    We saw ‘Santaland Diaries’ today, which was fun, but for the day after Christmas, it is a perfect day for a movie.
    Looking at maybe ‘Spotlight.’
    Of course, if I win the Goldstar gift certificate, I am happy to call a a audible and go see a show!
    Happy holidays!

  • Cheryl says:

    Post-Christmas tradition- I sit and look at my tree and discuss what shows to see during the holiday break.

  • Jacob Persily says:

    We spend our Christmas with the rest of the classy Jews, not at Chinese food and the movies, but at the Casinos in Atlantic City, and then a show or 4 at some point during the week after Christmas, along with seeing the New Years Eve setup before the millions converge on the 31st.

  • Tina K. says:

    On Christmas Day we have relatives over for an early dinner and then send them on their merry way in time to catch an evening movie–a tradition we started with the Christmas Day release of “Dreamgirls.”

  • A.B. says:

    My friend, Stuart, created what he calls “Renegade Goodness” for those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas. We show up at his building’s rec room at 10am on Christmas day, form an assembly line to make sack lunches (turkey sandwiches, an apple, chips, juice) for a few hours until we use up all of the supplies, and then we caravan to skid row (downtown LA) to hand them out. Afterwards, we all go to dim sum. I can’t take credit for creating this tradition, but I’ve attended and helped out – this will be my 3rd or 4th year. This year will be his 10th annual.

  • Lindsay Fabes says:

    On Christmas Day my family gets together, walks around town, gets Chinese food and either goes to see a Broadway show or watches a movie depending on the weather. The day after is just about the same but is almost always a show!

  • Lauren says:

    We open presents in the morning, have a homemade brunch, and then go see a movie. Usually it’s a movie musical! Dreamgirls and Les Mis have been past years’ selections.

  • Patrick says:

    Not day of or day after, but night before…

    We always go to the 11:00pm church services on Christmas Eve. I love hearing the music and seeing the production of the service. I cry and get chills at how beautiful Silent Night is with nothing but candle light. I’m not a religious person but I do appreciate a good production! We always walk out of the church wishing each other Merry Christmas as it is usually a few minutes past midnight!

    Merry Christmas!




  • Robin G. says:

    My family is Jewish, so we do Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Eve. After Christmas is time for Chinese food leftovers and going to the chick flick with my mom that my dad didn’t want to see the night before.

  • Lisa says:

    We’re Jewish, but Christmas day is my brother’s birthday so we always celebrate his birthday with a movie and a big family dinner.

  • Josh Schneck says:

    The 26th is typically spent celebrating my birthday… and reminiscing about how great Chanukah was this year!

  • Jery R says:

    My friends and I continue the holiday celebration with Video Game Pajama Day. It is a day filled with tons of games all while being comfy and cozy in our pj’s! You should all try it.

  • Nick C. says:

    Post-Christmas tradition: practicing the piano to play for New Year’s Eve. The best way to relax and still stay in the holiday spirit!

  • Bethany Tucker says:

    The family gets together for pizza (because we are all tired of holiday food by that point). It started as a joke, but has become our favorite holiday tradition.

  • Dara Ely says:

    Sometimes this tradition doesn’t occur until a few days after Christmas but … I always get a little melancholy when the holiday is over and for some reason, watching Meet Me in St. Louis always makes me feel better (after it makes me cry, then smile!). I watch it every year.

  • Cheryl Dzubak says:

    If she is not with us, we go down to Cape May, NJ to spend some time with my mom. My grown up kids also visit with my husband and I and we all go together. Kind of like old times when my kids were little.

  • Allison DeLuca says:

    The day after Christmas tradition depends on if my family is working or not. When they are working, we usually just have leftovers for dinner and watch movies when everyone gets home. On days they are off, we get started on tidying up the house (my mom has a belief that if your house is messy going into the new year, it will be messy all year long). I like the idea of a Show Day though!

  • David Covington says:

    Our post-Christmas tradition: Choosing something that we’ve NEVER done before (such as visiting a particular state park, or bowling all together, etc…), taking a complete family photo while doing it, then claiming to all our extended family and friends it’s the annual post-Christmas tradition. We clearly don’t know what tradition means. 😉

  • Geri Weinstein says:

    My day after Christmas tradition is a family movie and a delicious Chinese dinner with a group of family friends.

  • Mitchell K says:

    I hit the bars with friends and drink to recover from/erase memories of Christmas with our families.

  • Mark says:

    recovering from the day before.

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    My family usually goes to see a movie in the evening on Christmas day. Which makes me wonder sometimes if more Broadway shows did that, if people would go…

  • Ben Lebofsky says:

    Movies and chinese food all the way!

  • Francesca says:

    Eating white chocolate cranberry clusters, seeing family friends!

  • Tom says:

    We open up our house for about twelve hours of board games and party games and leftovers. About sixty or seventy people pass through our house each year. We also do it Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Sarina Gonzalez says:

    Our tradition is just sleeping in and enjoying each other’s company!

  • Shane Heckethorn says:

    Our latest tradition is abandoning the family the day after Christmas to travel to NYC for shopping a shows 🙂

  • Thom Storr says:

    Every year on the day after Christmas my siblings and I make it a tradition to spend the day together, getting out and about for a walk around the town where we grew up and top the day off by going to a movie.

  • Cara says:

    To Target, to Target for sales in ornaments and decorations for next year.

  • Lisa says:

    Growing up I had amazing traditions, then when everyone grew up or died or moved away things changed so much that it was a big void and disappointment. So now my husband and I, if not working a show, always make it a point to do something fun locally on Christmas day. That fun is always decided when we wake up on Christmas. This year it will be decorating Christmas cookies. The day after is always a Broadway show. Of course I always hope Santa brings me a gift card for TKTS.

  • Joe Ferriero says:

    BIG family breakfast – which is more of a brunch by the time we all wake up.

  • Emily Lang says:

    I’m Jewish, so we do a “second Chanukah” with other family. We’ll be lighting the menorah and munching on latkes the next day. 😉

  • Julie says:

    It’d be extremely out of the ordinary if we didn’t have Chinese food (we’re Chinese). Post-Christmas activities are reserved for friends, which ends up revolving around food, anyway.

  • Rick Shulman says:

    Chinese food & a movie are actually my Christmas day tradition (as it is for lots of us Jews). The day after Christmas is a good day to go shopping for those after Christmas sales.

  • Randi says:

    Movies and Chinese food like most Jews!

  • wendy schecter says:

    Our tradition is a movie and Chinese or Thai food – this year it will be Star Wars.

  • brian says:

    Each year I buy my cousins a customized Christmas ornament with his or her name and all of the shows in which they appeared.

  • Elise Kaplan says:

    It used to be I’d get upset that “All My Children”, “One Life To Live” and “General Hospital” would be replaced by a college football game on the 26th, but now my tradition is to get upset because “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” were cancelled 4 years ago and “General Hospital” will not be shown due to a college football game.

  • Alyssa C. says:

    The location for our family tradition has changed over the years but the one thing that we can count on is the traditional Chinese take out. No matter where we are must have fried rice, dumplings, egg drop soup…and you can’t forget to add “in bed ” to the fortunes in the fortune cookies!

  • Sarah says:

    I’m Jewish so… not much. And not Chinese food and movies either!

    Usually I cat-sit for my theatre friends on Christmas. So I get the company of cats and I get to read theatre books. Sounds like the perfect plan to me!

  • Sue Cohen says:

    We do a jigsaw puzzle if Santa brought one, and sometimes play Monopoy. Then there is lots of online shopping to attend to (but we avoid the mall like the plague). We eat leftover prime rib and talk about how there are 364 days until Christmas (365 this year, since 2016 is a leap year).

  • Alex Bernstein says:

    When I was much younger, my mom would take me clothes shopping on Dec. 26 to get all the day after Christmas sales.

  • Andrew says:

    Traditions have come and gone in my life over the years, and as I look back, depending upon the decade, the traditions are quite varied, yet at times, meaningful and thrilling. As a child, I would join my mother’s extended family in a Christmas Eve gathering as my Italian grandmother prepared the traditional seven fishes for about 40 adults and children, who would then venture in the cold and ice to walk down to the neighborhood church, occasionally sliding on our butts, for midnight mass. Afterward at around 1:30 or so we would trek back up the hill for a completely different meal of spaghetti, meatballs, sausages, chicken that had been miraculously prepared while we were at church. This went on throughout my youth, even after my grandmother passed away, and her daughters and daughters-in-law shared responsibilities.
    The midnight mass tradition is of course popular in countless families, but it home for me some 20 or so years later when as part of the gay Catholic organization, Dignity, we decided to hold the first of several annual midnight services. For members of that local LGBT community, many alienated from their families yet with memories of similar services growing up, this first midnight mass brought out well over 100 participants, several of whom were noticeably in tears at this opportunity to reconnect with an old tradition in the midst of a new family of choice.

  • Allison M says:

    I don’t think we have a post-Christmas tradition. Some years we see a movie, some years we see family we didn’t see on Christmas Day, and sometimes we just hang out and do a puzzle!

  • Travis says:

    Buying off-season clothing is perfect this time of year.

  • Natalie Randall says:

    I always go see a movie that comes out Christmas Day!!!!! My favorite year was Dreamgirls on Christmas in 2006!

  • Noah P says:

    Horror movie marathon

  • Monica says:

    Eat a special feast

  • Rob Cote says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home and then the next day go on vacation with my family.

  • Heather Chamberland says:

    Generally it’s a relaxing day, because we always host the holiday at my house. We eat leftovers and start to put away the presents that were arranged under the tree after opening. We actually have a better day because no extra people are in the house!

  • Amanda says:

    We binge-watch A Christmas Story on repeat and then whatever other movies are playing on tv! Lots of food and relaxing.

  • Kristen says:

    OOOOH I’d love to see a show the day after Christmas! We usually just have a quiet day at home.

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