Who won my Be A Broadway Star board game?

Ok, my little old-school gamers, it’s time to give away Broadway’s best board game (and I can say that, because it’s Broadway’s ONLY board game)!

First, thanks for the great “Make or Break” ideas for the next edition.  Some of my favorites included:

The ghost of Ethel Merman returns – sing “There’s No Business Like Show Business” in her style.

Reincarnate yourself as Daisy Gamble from On A Clear Day You Can See Forever and “talk to flowers right here” in front of the group.

And of course . .

Producer Ken Davenport decides that he wants “to go green” with his new Broadway revival of Gypsy. Describe the costume that you would design for “You Gotta Have a Gimmick” using all recycled items.

Hehe.  That one just makes me visualize all sorts of “junk.”  Double hehe.

Ok, bad jokes aside, the winner of this week’s Sunday Giveaway is . . .

Jim Bartruff!

Congrats, Jim.  Email me with your address and we’ll send out your game (or you can come pick it up).

And a little news flash.  Stock is running low on the games at Amazon.com.  So if you want a game by Xmas, get one now.


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  • congrats on the lucky win!

    I’m going to pick a couple games up the next time I’m in the city (it’s almost time for our annual Christmas window display tour) – they’re going to be excellent Christmas gifts for the theatre nuts in my crowd!

    Have fun with yours!

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