Who won the $100 Goldstar Gift Certificate?

The holidays ain’t over kiddies!  Today is ProducersPerspective-mas!

It’s the special day, once a year, when I stuff one person’s electronic stocking with some serious goodies . . . and today that goody is $100 in Goldstar cash!

If you remember, to enter this year’s ProducersPerspective-mas, I asked you to tell me your favorite holiday tradition, and you guys do a lot of fun stuff, from skiing to baking to “on the 26th I let my gift cards fulfill their destiny.”   (Way too many of you said Chinese Food and a Movie . . . I’m gonna work hard on a “Chinese Food and a Show ” promotion next year for sure.)

And the winner of the new, crisp, Goldstar Benjamin is . . .

Yoni Weiss!

Congratulations, Yoni!  Email me to get your $100 gift card.

And sorry for all the rest of you kiddies.  The crappy thing about ProducersPerspective-mas is that there is only one winner, and everyone else gets virtual this.


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  • George Matusek says:

    I am satisfied with a lump of virtual coal because you already provided the excellent holiday gift of the livestream of “Daddy Long Legs” from the stage of the Davenport Theatre.
    George Matusek Saint Louis, Missouri

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