Who won the tickets to Invisible Thread at Second Stage?

Well, after reading all your “first draft” titles like Gel! instead of Hairspray and Fiddler in the Foyer instead of on the Roof, I was pretty thankful that you all weren’t in a title brainstorming session with those authors before they settled on their eventual monikers.  🙂

(By the way – I recommend to all Authors and Producers that they do a title brainstorming session even if they’re happy with their title.  Each person on the team brings five titles that they COULD call their show to a meeting and they all go on a board.  Then you vote on, “If we HAD to pick one of these, which title would we choose.”  And then I do the same thing with a small audience after a reading.  And you see what you get!  Often you end up where you started, but with a feeling of more security in the title you have.)

And now, title tips aside, who is going to see Invisible Thread at Second Stage???

Congratulations to Sabrina Leichty!  Sabrina, email me to get your tickets and enjoy the show!


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