Grand Hotel: “We’ll Take A Glass Together”

  • ChrisM says:

    Don’t know why this was posted but it is one of my favorite moments in the theatre. Michael Jeter won his well deserved Tony for this performance and offered one of the most sincere, honest and moving acceptance speeches I believe I’ve ever heard.

  • Duane Poole says:

    High on my list of the most magical moments ever put on a Broadway stage is this number. No major set, no special effects — just a simple bar, the brilliant Tommy Tune choreography, the magnificent Brent Barrett…and the miraculous Michael Jeter as the dying Otto Kringelein celebrating one final fling at life. If you can witness the unbridled joy as this number builds without getting emotional about the value of Art in this world, you’re a tougher person than I. I could watch this on a loop for days on end.

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