Musical to Movie Adaptations: A By The Numbers Infographic

Everyone talks about movie to musical adaptations, right?  We’ve done that infographic already.

But what about the reverse?  What about all those musicals that are being made into movies?  Ever since the success of Chicago on film, a whole slew of movies have received the silver screen treatment, and more are a comin’.

What do they have in common?  Do they make money?  Do they help the Broadway box office?

We took a deep dive into the data pool of musicals to movies and came up with the infographic below.

Enjoy it . . . and here’s hoping they make a movie of your musical.

Movie Musicals



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  • J says:

    There have been a few that went from film to musical and then film again (The Producers, for example)

    • Chris Marks says:

      And at least 2 that went from book, to play, to movie, to stage musical, to movie musical (Auntie Mame/Mame and The Matchmaker/Hello Dolly … Common thread, Jerry Herman).

  • Chris Marks says:

    The reason at least one new song has been written for nearly half of the stage to movie transfers is so that a song will qualify for an Academy Award nomination. Without further research (and relying totally on my sometimes faulty memory) I believe that, although several of these songs have been nominated, none have ever won an Oscar.

  • Ed from CT says:

    Great info!
    Thanks to you and your team for doing this, Ken!

  • Marshall says:

    God bless you and your ADD, Ken Davenport! 🙂 Great info!

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