The Top 10 Most Read Producer’s Perspective Blogs of 2015.

This is one of my favorite posts of the year . . . because it requires me to go back and look through all my stats and figure out what I wrote that resonated with you the most.

And usually, the posts that get the most traffic, are not the ones I thought would get the most traffic.

It’s a wonderful reminder that no matter what you are, a Blogger, a Painter, or a Producer, your fate is in your audience’s hands, more than your own.  So, rather than obsess about what you think is going to work or what isn’t, it’s best to just keep doing what you do, and let the people decide what hits and what doesn’t.

So, honoring that axiom, here are the Top 10 blogs that I wrote over the last twelve months that you read the most!  Enjoy!

The Top 10 Most Read Producer’s Perspective Posts of 2015

  1. Sure, These Broadway Shows Recouped! But Why? A By the Numbers Infographic.
  2. Why I’m producing Deaf West’s Spring Awakening on Broadway.
  3. How many people watched the Daddy Long Legs livestream? Full statistics REVEALED!
  4. 50 Years of Broadway Musical Source Material. A By The Numbers Infographic.
  5. The Trends of Ten Years of New York Times Broadway Reviews. An infographic.
  6. Yesiree, I’m livestreaming Daddy Long Legs . . . for free.
  7. Why this Broadway bound musical worries me.
  8. Why most first drafts of new plays are overwritten.
  9. Why Stephen Sondheim is wrong.
  10. My Top 5 Favorite Moments of the 2015 Tony Awards.

So there she blows!  2015 in 10 blog posts.  (And boy do I like blog titles that start with “Why.”)

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  • Greg says:

    Going back to your #1 infographic on why shows recouped – I think it might be instructive to compare the rates on the left hand side of the graph with the rates of shows that did not recoup.

    For instance: You list that 81% of shows that recouped had Caucasian protagonists. On it’s own, that’s interesting, but it is likely a symptom of the fact that Broadway as a whole has been largely Caucasian over much of it’s history. It does not even begin to show correlation with recoupment until we know what that rate is for shows that did not recoup, and whether the rate is appreciably different.

    I’d also love to see the raw data underpinning that infographic to see what actual statistical correlations may exist…

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