Who won the ticket to TEDxBroadway?


I have no idea who won.

Not a clue.

That’s because we’re using this super cool new giveaway program that picks the winner randomly for us, and makes it easier for you to enter . . . and actually easier for you to win by giving you ways to increase your odds.  If you entered this week’s giveaway (and have entered previous giveaways), you probably noticed something different about the process.  Did you like it?  If so, we’ll keep using it, so let me know by sending me an email or putting it in the comments below.

So, how do we crown the winner of this week’s giveaway?  Well, the lucky ducky who won the ticket to TEDxBroadway will get an email direct from us, so just watch that inbox!  And get ready to do your happy dance if you win.

Thanks for playing!

Oh, and if you didn’t win?  Go to TEDx anyway.  It’s a small price to pay for the inspiration you’re gonna get.


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