Happy New Year . . . again?

Don’t worry.  We didn’t Marty McFly-back in time.  It is February 2nd.

But I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year.  Again.

Here’s why.

There’s something amazing about the turn of the year.  With the pop of the cork comes a burst of enthusiasm and optimism for the coming year.  We set resolutions, make goals, and say, “This is it.  This is the year.”

And we really mean it.

We join gyms, sign up for seminars, start writing one scene a day, and so on.

A month later, a lot of that stuff slips away.

It’s hard to start new habits and keep up the energy you need to accomplish your goals . . . especially in February.

If you’re like me then there are probably a few things on your New Year’s Resolution list that you’re not pursuing as enthusiastically as you should . . . and as you were that first week in January.  It’s ok, you can admit it.

So what’s the solution?  Give up and try again next December 31st?  And on that day, once again, say, “No, no, seriously.  This is the year.”

Or, take a moment, reset yourself and start over . . . right now.  Sure the calendar doesn’t turn over for another 11 months, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend it does . . . every single month.

So Happy New Year.  Today, try to summon up that same excitement, energy and courage you had on December 31st when you set out your 2016 goals.  And dig in again.

And next month?  You guessed it.  Toss the confetti and celebrate the new year again.

To paraphrase Billy Joel, put yourself in a “New Year State Of Mind” every month, and you’ll find yourself accomplishing all of your yearly goals in just a few short months.


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  • Rick says:

    Great timing Ken..I needed to hear that ????…my new word…A Musical “PRESENTATIONAL” Script Reading… 2 out of 3 action steps…ain’t bad…
    …You go “Meatloaf” Thanks, Ken

  • Dana B says:

    Very fitting that you posted this on Goundhog Day!

  • Norlan says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, Ken. It’s like you’re talking directly to me, (am I right, writers?)
    I’ve been buried in the man-cave getting the book & lyrics done for our new musical we’ve been discussing, and I peeked out today, and fortunately, didn’t see my shadow! So, only a few weeks to go before it’s ready for the pizza reading. I did see your blog, though, and signed up for Pro, before I withdrew back into the cave again. Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to bigger and better things. Blog on!

  • Martha says:

    Thankyou for being such a Cosmic Cheerleader.

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