The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to A Room of My Own, starring Ralph Macchio and Mario Cantone!

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what the show is about.  When you hear the headliners are Ralph Macchio and Mario Cantone, you just know it’s going to be funny.

Oh, and then you find out it’s the story of a “kid” (note: no karate before that word) growing up in an eccentric Italian American family in 1970s Greenwich Village?

If it wasn’t a new play written and directed by Charles Messina now in previews at the Abingdon Theatre Company, then it’d be a brand new sitcom you’d be turning off The Bachelor to see.

(Insider alert:  I’ve already received three emails from separate parties asking me if I was checking this show out, which tells me there’s a lot of buzz about this baby.)

But it ain’t no sitcom.  It’s a brand new American play debuting Off Broadway.  And an Atari figures into the plot.

What more could you want?

How about a couple of free tickets???

To win tickets to A Room Of My Own, all you have to do is click here.

Good luck.  Or as eccentric Italians would say in the 1970s, “@#$% you!”


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  • Reva says:

    Bought my ticket last night for March 4 – the show closes 3/13 and is basically sold out – the theatre is very small – any seat is good – there were only about 4-6 tickets left for the rest of the run!

  • Ellen Ciccone says:

    Went to see a room of my own on 2/18 enjoyed it so much going back again with a group of 10. And it didn’t even matter that my nephew NICO BUSTAMANTE a newcomer to the stage plays “the kid”. Who just happens to be great! I laughed so hard I cried. The “whole cast” was amazing.

  • Would love to see this play – and my allotment for play is already up until MAY. argh. Thanks for the chance to win an opportunity to see it!

  • Sarah says:

    I seen it last night! I am sooo upset that tickets are sold out bc I want my entire family to go. I originally went to see Mario Cantone & Ralf Macchio but I didn’t even “notice” them. That is due to how well they played their characters. I was absorbed into the story that I forgot I was their fan. Lol
    The mom of the show (not sure of her name) was on dead on! The dad of the show was so hylarious and perfect for that character. The aunt was amazing as well as the sister who danced with Mario Cantone…BUT every time the kid who played little charles came on the stage I could not keep my eyes off of him. His facial expressions and his on perfect timed humor was spectacular! If this child don’t end up with an award someday I will be shocked. Save this comment bc I’m telling you that kid is going to be very very popular one day. I wished I could see more of this. The writer mentioned it’s not a series. Well if it was I would definately tune in to watch that little kid and his family. They all clicked so well together. Excellent casting who ever did the casting.
    Can anyone tell me the little kids name?

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