VIDEO: How to “scrum” a marketing campaign for your show.

We got such positive feedback on our first Producer’s Perspective Video where I channeled my inner algebra teacher and explained how above-the-title Broadway Producers get paid . . . that I thought I’d do another!

In this video, I explain one of our Willy Wonka-like trademark secrets for marketing shows.  It’s called The Marketing Scrum!

Don’t know what a scrum is?  And no, no, it’s not that line of sludge on your bathtub that takes steel wool to get out.  It’s a rugby term.

And who said sports and Broadway have nothing in common?  🙂

You’ll see exactly why I use the word scrum (about 142 times, actually) in this video where I break down the exact process I use on every single show that I produce or market . . . and how you can too.

Just don’t tell anyone how we do it, ok?  It’s just between you and I.  (Hey Kayla & Dylan!  This blog-YouTube thing is private, right?  No one sees this stuff???  Because 1 – there is some juicy info in this video. And 2 – I’m really kind of dorky when I’m in front of a camera!)

Enjoy How to Market Your Show with . . . The Marketing Scrum!


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  • Steven Conners says:

    Ken–I really liked this video. (Scrum) If you read the DR. SILKINI file you will see that I
    have started your method. In the future I hope many more heads can be involved than mine.
    Silkini is a sleeper and will make lots of money. Your methods are vital for the continuation
    of B’Way. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. —sjc

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