April Fools’! Ha!


Did I get you?

Sorry, but Oh! Calcutta! is not on my developmental slate.  Unless we did an immersive version . . . set at a strip club . . . hmmmm . . . 😉

Have a great fool-filled day!

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  • Dennis Kulchinsky says:

    Hi Ken
    You got me good.I’m so relieved.Good one.By the way I saw where Barbra Streisand wants the rights to Kinky Boots,Congrats.

  • Cathie A. says:

    Good One!

  • Dave Cackowski says:

    Good one, u got me! I was ready to go and look into pre sale for tickets. It’s been a while since I have seen that one. I bet someone will do it, probably off Broadway 🙂

  • Susan says:

    Got me, too!! I especially wanted to see the costumes!!

    • Bob hawk says:

      I was stage manager of the San Francisco production of ‘Calcutta’ for its final four months and, believe me, there were a LOT of costumes. We needed two wardrobe people because of the wear and tear on the costumes (including period dress). They were constantly being ripped off (velcro for days!). It was technically elaborate as well. Two electricians (on dimmer boards), a turntable set, and projected slides and 16mm film footage. Calling the show was challenging. I gave verbal cues to the electricians, used hand signals to the sound man/projectionist, and ran the turntable myself. This was in 1970, so computers had not entered the scene yet. The most demanding and challenging show I ever did. And it’s definitely not worth reviving!

  • Jeff says:

    I absolutely fell for that one! It seems reasonable enough!

  • Sandra says:

    Well done!! But I have to say I was excited at the prospect of it being produced again! HAHAHAHA!!!

  • Bob Canning says:

    Thank God it was an April FoolS Day joke and not just an April Fool Day joke. In other words, I was not the only FOOL!

    I fell for it (at first), then told Ken that hopefully this revival will be more racially balance (the costumes of the original production were all white), and THEN I got to the link.

    Man, the boy is good.

  • Shira says:

    Yup, actually fell for it again. I’m a real sucker for April Fools!

  • Judy Yescalis says:

    Well, you did the unexpected and brought Spring Awakening back to Broadway to fabulous reviews, so why not Oh, Calcutta! Ha.. Yes.. you got me 😉

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