Can Social Media actually sell tickets?

It takes about 15 minutes.

That’s when someone around the conference table at every ad meeting I’ve been to usually asks, “But what are we doing on Social Media?”

See, everyone knows that in modern day marketing, every show needs to be on Social Media.

But very few know what to do once they get there.

How often do you post?  Do you offer discounts?  Do you need to be on Instagram? And what the heck is Periscope?

Social Media marketing may seem like an easy way to market your show because anyone can get a Facebook page or a Twitter account.  But it’s anything but easy, and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s free.

And make a mistake?  Well, the streets are littered with Social Media faux pas that have killed brands quicker than you can say, “Delete that tweet!”

But when you get it right . . . when you add the right followers to your Social Media army . . . well then you can do exactly what marketing is supposed to do.  Sell tickets . . . and lots of them.

I’ve produced shows that have had some of the largest Social Media reach of any Broadway shows, including this past season’s Spring AwakeningMacbeth with Alan Cumming (Yep, I put Shakespeare on Social Media), Godspell and more.  In fact, I even predicted that Twitter would be a major thing in this blog post from 2008!

And now I’m going to share all my Social Media secrets with you.

Next Wednesday, April 6th at 7 PM EDT, I’m holding a webinar all about Social Media marketing entitled, “How To Use Social Media To Sell Tickets.”  We’ll talk everything about this essential piece of your marketing mix including:

  • Which social networks you have to be on, and which ones you don’t!
  • How to build a massive army of the right followers, not just any followers.
  • What absolutely NOT to say on Social Media.
  • How to respond to negative criticism on a social channel.
  • And how to turn your accounts into cash registers and sell tickets . . . or yourself!

So if you’re selling tickets to a show, if you’re a Playwright looking to get fans, or a theater company looking to build your brand, sign up today to learn how to harness the power of Social Media to accomplish your goals.

If you can’t attend on the 6th, fear not, the entire webinar will get emailed to you the next day for you to watch and listen to at your leisure.  So you can still sign up no matter what time zone you’re in, or even if you have tickets to Hamilton that night.

The webinar is $149, which you could recoup implementing just one of the ideas I’m going to give you in this one hour webinar (plus a Q&A at the end).  If you take ’em all, there’s nothing to stop you from getting a 10x return on your money.  And if you don’t get what you want from the webinar, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back (we call that a “guarantee” in the biz).

So before you sign up for another Social Media account, before you post another photo or send another tweet, sign up for the webinar today.

Your “friends” and “followers” will thank you for it.  But more importantly, so will your box office.

(Want a FREE way to take the webinar?  Sign up for TheProducersPerspectivePRO and get this webinar as part of your free 7 day trial.  And, in addition to the webinar, you’ll get all the other benefits of PRO, including marketing tool kits, an exclusive newsletter (which is all the stuff I can’t say on the blog), and more.  You can sign up for that trial here.  You can cancel anytime, but the webinar is still yours to attend for free.)


Did you miss the live seminar?  Click here to purchase the recording, or click here to sign up for TheProducersPerspectivePro and get it free!


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  • Iris says:

    I’m gonna use this place for a plea. I’m not sure if your shows are doing it because I follow very few show accounts (because of that issue and because I like to go into shows blind), but there something almost all show account do that is driving me absolutely insane: retweeting.
    It feels like the sole (or almost) purpose of many show accounts is to retweet the great things people who saw the show had to say about it. But why? I would think (please correct me if I’m wrong) that the majority people following a show account already have an interest in seeing the show. They follow because they want more info on it, see photos, get the latest info on discounts and special offers ect. But they have either already seen and liked the show, or plan on seeing it. You don’t need to convince THEM that lots of people think your show is great. All it does, at least for me, is make me unfollow them within 1 or 2 days because all those RTs are totally spamming my timeline. I’ve tweeted several show accounts and begged them to stop because I truly wanted to follow, but it was SO much and they never replied, so I had to unfollow. Twitter has the “disable retweets” option again now (it was gone for a while) so it’s a bit more manageable now, but that still leaves quote retweets.
    I get that you want to show the people that say nice things about your show that you appreciate it, but you can like instead, and maybe use the retweeting sparingly.
    Please, please, please, don’t do that, and spread the word to all the other producers and social media people. I can’t be the only one who feels that way…

    • RICK says:

      Iris, We are holding off on launching our website till we have an admin person to manage the influx of all our SM inquiries we will receive when the word gets out of our upcoming Musical….We Need to be prepared…Thanks for your input!

  • Faith Maciolek says:

    I’m a graduating senior in college but I’m REALLY interested in this webinar. Theatre social media is what I want to do and I think this could really help me. Would you recommend a student “attending”? I can do the free trial to watch it (obviously as a college student I don’t have $149 lying around.)

    • Frank says:

      Odds are that Ken will not be answering your query on here, so I will attempt to give you some insight.

      I do not doubt that you would gain some useful knowledge from Ken’s webinar, most specifically about the theater industry itself. That said, you can gain most of the knowledge you seek about social media advertising and engagement thru any number of other online resources. Including this blog, which has a number of posts on this topic from years past.

      If you lack the time, or the funds, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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