So you wanna be a Pro? Here’s how.

From the emails I get from so many of you, this blog just ain’t enough.

There’s a whole bunch of passionate folks out there that are looking to take their shows, their career, their hobby or their pursuit of all things theatrical to the next level.  And they want to do it now.

Sound familiar?

If so, then this post is for you.

If you read this blog by visiting the Producer’s Perspective website, then you have probably seen the GO PRO button in the menu and wondered, “What in the name of David Merrick is that?”

I’m finally ready to tell you . . .

A year and a half ago (!) I announced I was developing something super cool for people looking for more advanced info on producing and developing theater.

And I’m more excited than when Tony saw Maria in that gym to tell you that your wait is finally over. The Producer’s Perspective Pro is here.

And you can sign up for this exclusive members-only club today.

As you’ll see when you click this link, Pro is the most comprehensive training and resource site for the business of theater on the web.  We’ve spent the last year and a half talking to folks just like you to find out what they needed to help them with their goals.

And we put it all on Pro.

That’s right, readers.  We’re talking mailing lists for Producers and Booking Agents (in list and printable label form), Sample Contracts, Q&As with me, Networking Events and so much more.

And then we took what has been our most popular endeavor over the past two years and put it right at the heart of Pro . . . live training accessible to anyone in the world.

When you join Pro, you’ll get access to a brand new LIVE teleseminar every single month taught by me on a variety of subjects, from “What is Front Money and how do you get it?” (coming up next Wednesday) to “How can Social Media sell Tickets?”

And you’ll also get a newsletter delivered to your doorstep with exclusive tips on everything from writing to raising money and more (and some juicy gossip, too).

And there’s a ton more (you can see all that we’re offering here).

Right now, you can join for free (which includes free access to next Wednesday’s webinar, “What is Front Money and how do you get it?”).

Click here to learn about all that we’re offering in Pro and sign up for free.

See you on the site!


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  • A while ago you issued a call for plays for children. What became of that project?

  • Frank says:

    This is the type of thing that keeps Broadway mid-40’s, white, and upper class. While I appreciate all that you do for the theater community thru this blog, the podcast, etc… this “PRO” program reeks of late-night infomercial get rich quick schemes.

    Good luck to all who give it a shot.

  • David says:

    Ken –

    You very purposely included 7 opportunities for readers to click through. Inquiring minds want to know….what are the results from each of the 7? Did the first one get the most or the least? Did the one that included the word ‘free’ get more than the others?

    FYI: I chose to click on the ‘join for free’ one because it was more active in tone.

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