The Most Popular Posts of the Month: March

Time for that monthly summary of what got your attention last month here at The Producer’s Perspective:

And . . .

I used to work in commercial theater as you know and now I am a marketer at Unilever and manage many sponsorships on behalf of several national personal care brands. Your points are spot on. The more national the brand, the more scale you need to provide and prove value of your property up front. If you want a national brand on board, better include sponsorship of national tours, tv adaptations, and award retail pass through rights nationwide to maximize the number of channels that the sponsor can activate with your show. Otherwise you can prove local value through hospitality assets you can provide for non consumer good brands in financial and insurance industries where hospitality is must have to facilitate b2b interaction.

No matter what, think of Sponsors own objectives and equity when looking at brand sponsorships. Ask yourself: how can you help the sponsor achieve their objectives, and does their brand fit yours and vice versa? Is it mutually beneficial?


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  • Norlan says:

    Great April Fools Day reveal. I love the way you keep a-breast of the numbers.
    Lots of obvious reasons for the decision, Very low up front costs, like costuming.
    And I suppose the set will probably be bare stage. A lot of back/side lighting.
    Front money is always being raised-let it rain approach. First time for Playbill to
    offer a fold-out page, and the bios will include the actor’s favorite hobbies. I can
    see it all now . . . literally. Straight forward plot–no hidden agendas. And the
    choreography…who cares! However, most of all, you’ve got to have open auditions.

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