The Sunday Giveaway: A spot at the Broadway Stage Management Symposium, worth $299!

Did you know that before Hal Prince, who is the most Tony Award-lauded individual on the planet (with 21 for all you trivia-types out there) . . . yep, before Hal Prince was a Director he was a Producer?  And before he was a Producer, he was a Stage Manager.

The Stage Manager track is a terrific path to success.  You learn the creative part of the process by watching both great Directors and great Actors create (and you get to maintain that work in long running shows).  You learn the tech part of the process by working with the Designers and the production team to figure out how the show runs.  And you learn the business by having to communicate with the General Manager or Managing Director on a daily basis.

I highly recommend all folks spend some time wearing a headset and serving a show as an SM (it’s how I got started on shows as well, and while being an SM just wasn’t right for me, I learned a ton that comes in handy every day).

And now it’s time for you to learn a ton about Stage Management, should you win this Sunday’s giveaway!

We’ve got one seat the the upcoming Broadway Stage Management Symposium (worth almost $300!) on June 4th and 5th, right here in NYC!  And one of you is going to get to go to this networking and educational extravaganza just geared towards people that want to be Stage Managers, or learn more about Stage Managing on Broadway, Off Broadway and everywhere in between.

To enter to win . . . click here.

And I hope I see a picture of you wearing a headset soon.

Good luck!


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