The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to A Better Place Off-Broadway!

I’ve been lucky.

I’ve lived in New York City for twenty-five years, and I’ve only lived in two apartments.  But even finding those two places was a pretty ridiculous endeavor.

Thankfully, I got lucky. I found my dream apartment early in my search, but most NYers move every few years looking for something just a little better (or cheaper).

Seriously, ask New Yorkers what is more important . . . finding a significant other or finding a really great apartment . . . and they’ll probably pause and then ask, “Is the apartment rent stabilized?”

Finding a place is such a big deal, it’s no surprise that someone has written a play about it.  And it’s also no surprise that play is a comedy.

A Better Place is a brand new Off Broadway comedy about Manhattanites’ lust for real estate.  Add a gay couple, an exhibitionist daughter and a couple of kooky real estate brokers . . . and you got a party!

It starts performance on May 4th at The Duke on 42nd Street and in today’s giveaway, one of you is going to get a brand new 2 BR apartment on Central Park West for free!

Ok, ok, that’s not true.  But we do have a couple of free tickets to see A Better Place!

To enter to win two tickets to the show, click here.

And if you’ve got a fun story about searching for an apartment in NYC or wherever, share it with us all in the comments below!


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  • Brian says:

    Maybe you could address this topic in a future blog…I attended a performance of The Bridges of Madison County in St. Louis last week. At precisely 8:00 pm, the pre-show announcement was made, the lights went down and the show began. Rarely do shows start at the designated time – a delay from 5 to 10 minutes is now common. Why did this happen? Should the delays continue?

    I liked the punctuality but some of the audience members were still socializing in the lobby and had to quickly find their seats in the dark. Apparently they expected the delay. Have we trained audiences to expect a delay?

    Thanks for all that you share.

  • Michael DiGaetano says:

    I know this woman who has been in her two bedroom apt on 87th and Lexington 40 years. She pays $900 a month. If she wasn’t clinically insane, I’d marry her just to get the place in case she dies before me. (Sounds like an idea for a play. Guess I’ll get to work on that)

  • Derek says:

    Dear Ken, You sent an email asking people why they had not joined your PRO program, but the email format does not allow for a response to the question. Firstly, let me say what you are doing is brilliant, sensational – giving people the opportunity of a lifetime ! I would absolutely love to be able to access all this amazing stuff – but being stuck away on the southern tip of Africa – where our currency exchange rate has recently nose-dived – really plummeted – it is really not affordable for me right now. I know you are offering a free trial, but I feel it would be unfair to sign up, grab everything I could, hit- and-run style, then leave. I’d rather hold on until I’m in a better position – I’m sure this treasure chest of goodies you are creating will be archived somewhere. In the meantime, thank you for being such an inspiration – you are truly a world leader in this field. How lucky everyone is to have a pioneering person like you around ! I will definitely join your Pro program at some point in the future.

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