The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to see Tuck Everlasting on Broadway!

We have a pool in my office each week where me, Kayla, Dylan and Eva (my Associate, Assistant and Intern – who all work with me on this blog) have to guess how many entries the giveaway is going to get. The Price is Right rules apply. The closest one to the exact number (without going over) wins a Frappuccino.

My quantitative researched and to-the-exact number guesstimate for this week’s giveaway of two tickets to Tuck Everlasting? A @#$% ton.

Why do I think this one will break some giveaway records?

Classic Book + Casey Nicholaw + Rave NY Times Review Out of Town = you do the giveaway math.

If you don’t know the story of Tuck, well let’s just say it has the perfect dash of magic and fantasy that makes it ideal for a musical. And in Casey Nicholaw’s hands (not to mention the hands of two of my favorite Producers, Beth Williams and my Daddy Long Legs partner, Michael Jackowitz), expect some beautiful things on that stage.

And for one lucky Tuck-y of you out there, expect to see it for free!

To enter to win two tickets to Tuck Everlasting on Broadway, click here.

And enter often, because I want that Frappuccino!


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  • Kim says:

    “…it has the perfect dash of magic and fantasy that makes it ideal for a musical.” I couldn’t agree more! And don’t forget about the incredible music by Miller & Tysen… And the fact that it’s family friendly… And the set looks incredible… Just more reasons this show is going to do so well! I submitted my entry… Fingers crossed!

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