Did you miss TEDxBroadway? 2016 Videos released!

Wouldn’t it be cool if all of Broadway was like TEDxBroadway?  So if you missed the Broadway run of a show that you really regret, like, oh, I don’t know, Angels in America (this blogger), you knew that eventually the video would be released, and you’d be able to at least catch it in its 2D form?

Unfortunately, we can’t all be like TEDxBroadway . . . the cutting edge conference that I helped found way back in 2012 . . . which just yesterday released all of its 2016 speeches for public consumption!

In other words, you can see them all . . . now . . . by clicking riiiiiiiight here.

Watch and listen to Jennifer Ashley Tepper talk about The Intersection of Real Estate and Art or Derrick Wang talk Scalia and Ginsburg on Broadway . . . or, my favorite, the Artistic Director of Deaf West Theatre, Mr. David “DJ” Kurs, talk about how Our “Limitations” Are Actually Superpowers.

Or don’t pick one.  Watch them all.  My TED Tip . . . when you’re eating lunch (which if you’re like most of us in the theater biz, you’re doing at your desk, and in about 15 minutes), toss on a TEDx video.  They are terrific lunch time viewing.  You’ll learn a little bit with each and every bite.  I watch one a day.  Like a multi-vitamin for the brain.

Enjoy this year’s TEDxBroadway videos . . . and I hope they inspire you to use your superpowers to push the boundaries of the theater into the great beyond.


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