It’s Hamil-time! My reaction to the 2016 Tony Nominations.

It’s #Hamiltime!

Hamilton just made history (ironic, wouldn’t you say?) when it garnered 16 Tony Nominations this morning, besting The Producers and Billy Elliot.

As usual, it was a morning of “Yep, as expected” and “Oh no they didn’t!”  So let’s start my recap with how I did in my predictions from yesterday.

1.  Best Musical

I predicted . . .

Shuffle Along
American Psycho

And those smarter-than-I nominators slipped in Steve Martin’s Bright Star and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock over the shock-and-awe American Psycho, once again proving that the fourth (and in this case, fifth!) slot can be a toss-up.  Man, oh man, I wish I could see how close the vote was on that one.

Score for Ken?  3 out of 5.

2.  Best Play

I predicted . . .

The Humans
King Charles III
The Father

And I nailed.  This one was an easier category to pick, mostly because of the limited number of new plays this year.  Oh, and I think I know why we may be seeing fewer and fewer plays.  But more on that in a future blog.

Score for Ken . . . 7 out of 9.

3.  Best Revival of a Musical

Um, so first, let me say . . . YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!  Well, how about them apples!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, and now back to my regularly scheduled blog.

I predicted . . .

The Color Purple
Fiddler on the Roof
Spring Awakening

And, you know what happened?  The system worked!  As I discussed yesterday, with only five eligible shows for this category, there could have only been three nominees, which would have put one of the four terrific revivals out on the street.  But, a rule that allows there to be a fourth nominee if there is a close enough race (three votes!) was enacted and boom time, in addition to my predictions above, She Loves Me gets added to the list. I have to give credit to the Tony Admin Committee for not only this tie-breaking rule, but also for expanding the number of nominators over the years.  This year there were 49.  Just a few short years ago, that number was in the 20s.  Ties like this wouldn’t be possible without more nominators, and all four of these great productions wouldn’t have gotten a nom.

Also . . . Yippppppeeeeeee!!!!!

Happy to get one wrong in this case.

Score for Ken . . . 10 out of 13.

4.  Best Revival of a Play

I predicted:

A View from the Bridge
The Crucible
Long Day’s Journey Into Night
Noises Off

And dang it, wouldn’t you know that the nominators pulled another “Ahh, let’s add another great production to the mix” in this category too!  I’m a big time Blackbird fan, so I was glad to see that production get included.

FINAL Score for Ken . . . 14 out of 18 or a 78% . . . or in Elementary School scoring . . . a C+.

Eh.  Not great.  But you know what?  This year, I don’t care so much. 😉

Other tidbitty takeaways from this year’s nominations:

  • Surprised to see so few noms for On Your Feet! (1).  I expected some performance nods, but those acting categories were tough this year.
  • Proof of that is no nomination for 6-time winner Audra McDonald.
  • Super pumped for Spring Director Michael Arden and his well deserved nod. Remember when he was solely an Actor?  Nope.  Herr Director is born.
  • Hollywood stars were left out in the cold this season, with no noms for Bruce Willis, Keira Knightley and Al Pacino (who I dreamed about last night for some reason – he told me to “tweet” at him).

For a full list of the 2016 Tony Award nominations, click here.

What did you think of the nominations?  How did you fare in your predictions?  What was the biggest shocker for you?

And, do you think #Hamiltime will roll on through the awards and will they beat the record for most wins evah???

Comment below . . . and then gear up for a fun five years of awards drama!


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  • Bill Frank says:

    I was shocked to see no deaf talent acting nominations in a year that professed inclusion and even more stunned that spencer liff was not nominated for choreography

    • Frank says:

      Part of this can be attributed to the show not being around anymore. Additionally, simply being deaf should not be a strike for or against an actor.

      Should an actor be nominated because the committee is trying to be “inclusive”?

  • Shane says:

    It’s a stretch for Hamilton to set a record for the most wins ever… they got 16 nominations, but those nominations are in 13 categories so assuming no ties (which are rare) they can’t win more than 13. To beat The Producers count of 12, they’d need to win every category they are nominated in.

    While I love Phillipa Soo, I don’t think the Hamilton juggernaut will carry her to a win over Cynthia Erivo… which would be enough to stop them setting a new record. There’s a few other categories where Hamilton is nominated that are also dubious.

  • Mugs says:

    I’d be interested to hear Ken’s thoughts on possible winners in categories where hamilton is predicted to sweep if Hamilton had NOT been nominated

  • Kay says:

    No to Audra ? Can’t believe it. She is magnetic on stage…what are they thinking ? What, too many Tony’s ? No soup for her ? What ?

  • Tom says:

    I agree with Shane above. They can win a maximum of 16, but O do NPT think they will win in either of the female acting awards – and Savion Glover could win for choreography.

  • Janis says:

    Haven’t seen Hamilton yet. But can it really be that good? That brilliant? That unusual? Now I gotta’ see it immediately.

  • Bruce says:

    Ken, I’m so confused. For Best Revival of a Musical, you said that She Loves Me “gets added to the list.” How do you know that it wasn’t Spring Awakening that got added to the list? She Loves Me may have been the one with the highest number of votes.

  • Dan Radakovich says:

    Actually a 78 is a B-. 75-78 is a C+. Assuming the scale is 90 is an A, 80 a B, 70 a C & 60 a D. Elementary grade scale that is. Any better? 🙂

  • Kelly Hammond says:

    I for one was appalled that the cast for Spring Awakening was not recognized. Why isn’t there a best ensemble musical & play to recognize those shows who’s ensemble is greater as a whole like Spring Awakening. Spencer definitely deserved a best Choreography nom too. This show broke so many barriers with the Deaf cast, the first person ever on Broadway in a wheelchair & the fact that Krysta was fighting Breast Cancer during the run of the show. My daughter and I came from Houston, TX just to see this show, we came into it knowing it was going to be amazing but what we didn’t expect was coming out of it with our lives changed for the better. I have never in my life been so moved and compelled to change my life based on a show. Spring Awakening was highly robbed.

    • Frank says:

      I’d imagine that for many voters Spring Awakenings return to Broadway is viewed differently because it hasn’t even been a decade since it won Best New Musical. While this production was in many ways original and groundbreaking, I can’t imagine a scenario where voters treat it as an equal when it comes to the TONY’s.

      I don’t view this as it being robbed of anything. It got a few noms and recognition.

  • Rick says:

    Great info Ken…not sure how to respond…I was not sure if I agreed with the success of The Book of Mormon…Who would of thought…I am not going to make a prediction because ….well..Lets…just wait and see…Always grrrrrreaaaaat..(You go Tony the Tiger Ken!) stuff!!!…Thanks Ken!

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