Wave goodbye to Daddy.

Don’t be mad at me.

I usually like to break any news I have about my shows first right here on my blog.

But some things happened very fast over the past 48 hours and I had to announce that Daddy Long Legs, one of the most perfect little gems of a musical I’ve ever worked on, and a Drama Desk nominee for Outstanding Musical (besting some Broadway shows, mind you) and an Outer Critics and Off Broadway Alliance nominee for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical and Best New Musical, respectively, is closing on Monday, June 6th.

Despite how difficult it can be to put on an Off Broadway show these days (and honestly, there are some out there that make it more difficult than it should be), I loved every second of working on this show, thanks to the incredible team of Producers, including my Partner Michael Jackowitz and Hunter Arnold, Peg McFeeley Golden, Tres Rosas, Ben Bailey, David Bryant, Caiola Productions, Carl Daikeler, Jeffrey Grove and Marguerite Hoffman, as well as the entire creative team, including John Caird, Paul Gordon, Brad Haak, David Farley, Paul Toben and Peter Fitzgerald . . . and of course, the magnificent Megan McGinnis (one of the reasons I did the show in the first place) and her #MarriedInRealLife hubby, Adam Halpin.

Why did I love working on it?  Yeah, it was fun live-streaming it.  Yeah, it was fun giving young Irish lass Una Morrison her chance to sing on a stage, after she beat over 180 other girls for the chance.

But what did it for me was every time I stepped into that theater and watched the show.  There’s no chandelier.  No 20 piece orchestra with 12 synthesizers.  And no lighting rig that would make Madonna jealous.  It was just two performers.  A band of three.  And a beautiful story told beautifully.

Is there anything better?

Daddy will live on in productions all over the world.  But this production is only running until June 6th.  And I have it under good authority that Ms. McGinnis, who has been involved the show since in the beginning, and who still manages to get me to choke up every time I watch, will never play Jerusha again.

So if you want to see one of the best examples there is of intimate Off Broadway theater . . . wait a minute . . . I meant to say one of the best examples there is of theater period . . . go see Daddy Long Legs before it’s gone.

Oh, and check out this touching video that Megan and Adam made to say goodbye to all of you.  (If you’re an email subscriber and can’t see the video below, click here).


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  • Devon says:

    I went through a few months of really losing myself in the city and my passion and I was really questioning why I came here and what I was doing with my life. Self doubt was beginning to cripple me. On a lenticular difficult day I decided to go for a walk and just if I couldn’t find some sort of inspiration… At 7:55 I walked past the Davenport and saw the sign for an 8 o’clock show and decided, why not. My god, it was everything I needed and so much more. In those 2hrs or so sitting in that theatre I remembered why I came to the city and felt that passion that brought me here. It was the most unexpected source of inspiration and I couldn’t be more grateful for that beautiful show, cast, crew and creative team.

  • I’ve been in love with Daddy Long Legs from afar (discovering it shortly before the Give a Girl Her Chance contest) and am so sad to see it close. I’m moving my trip to NY sooner so I can see it to closing weekend. Where are some of your favorite seats in the house?

    • Dennis Kulchinsky says:

      Hi Jennifer
      The Davenport is a very intimate theater,maybe 150 seats.Any seats will be fine and I’m sure you will love this show.Megan and Adam are terrific.

  • Dennis Kulchinsky says:

    Hi Ken
    I couldn’t agree with you more.Thanks to the live stream I fell in love with this show.I’ve seen it once in person and will return again before closing.Thanks for bringing this to NY. and for introducing me to the amazing Megan McGinnis.

  • A. Xak says:

    Am officially waving goodbye to “Daddy..” Ken. I know you’re heart belonged to it. I’ll always know where I was the time you streamed it and I just pulled over in my car to watch it on my phone (in Los Angeles going East on Third Street between La Cienega and Crescent Heights–pulled right into a spot). A first ever New York Theatre rush unparalleled so far. Hope the closing doesn’t discourage you from trying streaming again and was very happy for you to see the show appear on those other awards rosters. Thanks for making me feel like I was THERE.

  • George Matusek says:

    I had been planning to see the show this July, stopping off in NY on my way from St. Louis to visit friends in Newport, R.I. (where I live & worked for 26 years). I’m so happy that I at least was able to enjoy the livestream last December. So thank you, Ken, and best wishes for success to wonderful performers Megan and Adam!

  • Rich Mc says:

    Congratulations on the (sad) ending of a much beloved Off b-Way show.
    I gather it did not recoup…did it come close? Any commentary with respect to why
    (apparently) it did not?

  • Bert Silverberg says:

    I saw “Daddy Long Legs” twice, and doubtless would have gone a few more time if I lived in the vicinity. It s such a beautiful piece, and Megan’s performance is one for the ages. Everyone to whom I recommended the show enjoyed it immensely. Hate to see it depart, but, as a quote I read online earlier this week said, “There’s no way to force people to go see a good show.” As you say, Ken, we can rest assured that there will be many future productions of “Daddy Long Legs” around the country … even if Megan is not a part of them. May she and Adam find new roles quickly.

  • I brought 40 college kids to see the show in January. Our group package included Wicked, Gentlemans Guide, and much more. Daddy long legs was easily their favorite show. Sweet and fun.

    I wish you and the team all the best. And I look forward to directing the show myself someday.

  • Kay Waveland says:

    Thank you for bringing this to life off Broadway. I saw Megan McGinnis in this in Milwaukee at the Skylight Theatre. I heard the music on a Public Radio news piece and immediately set about finding a way to see the show. I signed up to usher because I didn’t have theater fun money right then. (It was a little embarrassing sitting with all these ushers I’d never met before and being moved to tears multiple times throughout the production!) It absolutely stole my heart and I went home with a copy of the CD playing in the car. This is a beautiful show and Megan is so perfect as Jerusha. You gave it so much exposure and let other people in on something that shouldn’t be a secret!

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