Podcast Episode 76 – Paul Libin


Paul Libin helped build this business.

He’s one of the great reminders of how young an industry we are . . . because so many of the guys and dolls that helped lay the groundwork for modern Broadway are still working away in offices around Times Square.  And in Paul’s case, loving every minute of it.

Paul’s official title now is the Executive Vice President of Jujamcyn Theaters . . . but over the course of his six or so decades of service to the theater, he has been a Producer, Theater Owner, Actor, Box Office Treasurer, Chairman of the Broadway League, Labor Negotiator, Stage Manager . . . and as anyone who has been in a room with him knows . . . one of the best raconteurs around.

It’s no wonder that the Tony Awards gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

And now, I scored him for my podcast!  Woo hoo!

Sit back and get ready to be educated and entertained by Papa Paul as he discusses:

  • How the GI Bill helped him get his start in the theater.
  • Why and when he built Circle in the Square.
  • How Marilyn Monroe (!) once helped him book a theater.
  • What has changed with Unions and Labor Negotiations since their early days.
  • How he’s kept his head up in an industry that can be so difficult.

In so many other industries, when the leaders achieve a certain amount of success, they jump to another industry that offers them more money or more stock options.  We’re so lucky that people like Paul not only paved the way for all of us, but have stuck around to stand by our side as we continue to grow.

You’re going to have a fistful of takeaways from this podcast, but the most important thing I learned is how important it is to love showing up to work every day, even after decades of doing this.  Is there any better sign of success than that?

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