Podcast Episode 78 – Peter Lawrence


No, no, you didn’t read this subject incorrectly.  Peter Lawrence won a Tony Award for his contributions to our industry as a Stage Manager.  And no, no, there has never been a Tony Award category for Best Stage Manager, it’s just that Peter’s work has been so important that the Tony Awards committee gave him an Excellence in Theatre Tony in 2013.

And that’s why I got him as a guest.

Peter has actually been more than a stage manager. He has supervised productions, he has directed productions . . . he’s done a ton . . . and on little bitty shows that you’ve probably never heard of like, oh, Miss SaigonSunset Boulevard, Gypsy (where I met him), Spamalot, Shrek, this season’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, and more.

Stage Managers have one of the most unique perspectives in the biz, since they have to work so closely with the creative team and the General Management team, to deliver the best show possible.

Hear how Peter deals with that balance and more including . . .

  • How he lied to get his first job.
  • His summary of what a Stage Manager actually does.
  • The great lesson he learned from Mike Nichols.
  • Why he thinks Directors don’t start off as Stage Managers as much as they used to.
  • What he thinks the “best Broadway year” was.

Prepare to be schooled by one of the best Stage Managers in the biz.

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  • Lawren Gregory says:

    It is so nice to hear about a stage manager getting an award for all of his hard work. People don’t often think about stage managers, especially when giving awards. As Peter Lawrence said, stage managers help make sure that the play gets done. When we think of the most important people in a play, we often think of designers, writers, directors, and actors. We do not often think about how much the stage manager is involved in helping all of these people get what they need to get done. The work of the stage manager is often put down, and we don’t think as much about all the work that they do. The stage manager has to not only connect the director’s ideas with the designer’s ideas with the actor’s ideas, but also organize all of these things and make sure that the show goes on and goes on well. Hopefully soon the Tony’s, and other large award shows for theater will start including excellence in stage management, because there are a number of very good stage managers in the business.

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