Why every Writer should be active on Social Media.

I know what you’re thinking.

If you’re a writer then you’re probably saying, “Uh oh, this blog is going to be Ken slapping my hand for not marketing myself on social media.”

Surprise, surprise.  It’s not.

There is no question that in 2016, anyone who wants to be hired for anything, from writing to acting to plumbing, should be marketing themselves online (because if you’re not, someone else is).  But for writers specifically, there’s additional value in tweets and posts.

Cuz you know what writing a tweet is?  It’s writing.

A tweet, a post, a blog . . . it’s all a chance for writers to write . . . and get immediate feedback from an audience on what’s funny, what’s not, what gets shared (Word of Mouth indicator), what doesn’t.  Obviously 140 characters or a 300-word Facebook post ain’t the same thing as a play or a screenplay, but it is a way for a writer to develop a style and exercise his or her muscles in front of an online audience.  And since writers of the stage or screen get so few opportunities to hear feedback from audiences, it can be invaluable . . . and a reminder of why writers write . . . to have an effect on an audience . . . to motivate them to feel something.

Oh, and in addition, it’s great marketing.  (Insert mini marketing hand slap here.)

Because if you entertain, educate or inspire people online (or even better, all three), they’ll be even more excited about seeing you or your show in person.

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  • Jeanie L says:

    Perfect example – Lin Manuel Miranda on twitter

    • Frank says:

      His popularity on twitter has more to do with his success than the other way around though. Sure he uses it well now, but it’s easy to be influential once everyone loves you. That’s why twitter made a push for celebrity users early on to drive consumer interest. Lin is no different.

  • RICK says:

    THIS IS SO GREAT!!!……Because if you entertain, educate or inspire people online (or even better, all three), they’ll be even more excited about seeing you or your show in person.
    …..I tell the students…to “Brand” themselves by doing “My.3 E’s”…EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and ENTERTAIN…not necessarily in that order…Thanks Ken!

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