And the winners of the 2015-2016 Marketing Awards Winners are . . .

You know what I love about our Broadway Marketing Awards?

More people vote for the Marketing Awards than the Tony Awards. Like a lot more.  🙂

And now, I’ve kept you and all the hard working folks in the ad agencies and marketing agencies around the city waiting long enough. (I was supposed to announce the winners Tuesday, but all those votes took longer to count than we thought!)

First, a big shout out to our nominating committee (Matt Britten, Frank DiLella, Jeremy Gerard and Jennifer Ashley Tepper) for narrowing down the hundreds of choices to just a select few (click here to see the full slate of nominees once again).

Second, an extra big shout out to all of you who voted.  It’s nice to know how many people out there are taking the marketing of the theater seriously (which, by the way, bodes well for the future of what we do – because it means that all of you are going to market your stuff like the marketing gangstas I know you are).

Third . . . oh forget it, let’s just announce the winners!

The winners, as selected by you, of the 2015-16 Broadway Marketing Awards are . . .

Best Logo:
Hamilton (SpotCo)

Best Tagline:
An Act of God: “The new Broadway play from the creator of, well, everything.” (Serino/Coyne)

Best Website: (SpotCo)

Best Social Media:
Hamilton: TwitterFacebookInstagram (Marathon Live Entertainment)

Best Commercial:
American Psycho (AKA)

Best Promotional (Swag) Item:
Waitress: Oven mitt (Arthouse, SpotCo, Creative Goods Merchandise)

Best Promotion:
Hamilton: Ham4Ham performances at lotteries outside the theater. (Marathon Live Entertainment, SpotCo, Sam Rudy Media Relations)

Best All-Around Campaign:
Hamilton (SpotCo)

Best Long-Running Campaign:
Wicked (Situation Interactive and Serino/Coyne)


Well, we may have a lot more voters than the Tony Awards, but it looks like they voted along similar lines, with Hamilton grabbing over 50% of our awards.  (Ironically, I think Hamilton actually placed the least amount of paid advertising of all of these shows . . . which teaches us all a great lesson about marketing, now doesn’t it?)

Congrats to all the winners!!!  And now, it’s time for all of us to get to work marketing next year’s shows!


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  • Frank says:

    Giving credit for Ham4Ham to SpotCo. is an oversight on your part.

    While I agree with Hamilton winning a lot of Tony awards, there is no reason for the show to nearly sweep any advertising/marketing awards. The shows mystique grew to overshadow its marketing and all of Broadway. Their “campaign” is not even close to the best of the season.

    All that said… keep up the good work, Ken.

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