Podcast Episode 81 – Michael Paulson


I’ve been on the receiving end of questions from Michael Paulson, the Broadway “beat” reporter for the New York Times, that I thought it was time that I asked HIM a few questions.

And wouldn’t you know it . . . he agreed!

Michael has a unique perspective on our biz, having just joined the fray a couple of years ago, fresh off quite a different beat.

What was that beat?  You know, something really similar to the theater . . . religion!  (I guess for some it’s like a religion, right?)  Yep, that was his name you heard bandied about in Spotlight for his work covering the abuse scandal in the Boston area archdiocese – which won him a Pulitzer – and inspired this book.

I wanted to hear what someone who just joined our industry at a high level thought of how we were doing, how accepting we were to newcomers, and what it was like to get stories out of our notoriously tight-lipped  industry.

Michael didn’t disappoint, and answered all the above and then some including . . .

  • The differences (and surprising similarities) between covering theater and religion.
  • How the New York Times is competing with Candy Crush . . . and if it’s winning.
  • Is all press really good press?
  • How theater and the newspaper industry are facing similar challenges.
  • His favorite Broadway stories so far . . . and the story he’d like to write about, but hasn’t gotten the scoop . . . yet.

Enjoy some quotes and great sound bytes from a guy whose job is usually to go out and get some.

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(In the podcast, I mention a link to Michael’s article on Hamilton which you can read here.  And follow Michael on twitter here.)

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