The Nominees for the 2015-2016 Broadway Marketing Awards are . . .

That’s right, Broadway people . . . there is another set of awards for last season still yet to give.  There are a ton of awards that celebrates the art of what we do . . . but there is only ONE set of awards that celebrate the business of what we do.

And that’s The Producer’s Perspective Broadway Marketing Awards!

I started these awards five years ago now because I saw how hard the folks at the advertising and marketing agencies in town worked . . . and how they constantly got all the blame when a show didn’t work commercially and none of the reward when it did.  While sure, there is nothing more important to the marketing of a show than the show itself, a great campaign gets the right butts in seats faster, and spreads the word of mouth that your show generates even faster than that.

So the Broadway Marketing Awards were created to put a little spotlight on the incredibly creative thinkers that sit in cubicles around the city, coming up with new ways to sell tickets to our shows.

If you’re new to the blog, let me explain what we did to come up with our list of nominees.

First, I assembled a cracker-jack team of nominators to comb through all the different marketing campaigns from the entire season. We’re talking print ads, TV commercials, websites, etc. It’s a lot of material.

And those nominators are:

Matt Britten, former Director of Marketing at NYMF and current Publisher of Broadway Briefing.  He constantly has his ear to the ground in order to keep the Briefing up to date.

Frank DiLella, Theater Reporter and Producer at NY1, reporting for the theater program ON STAGE, and the friendliest reporter on the beat.  He’s also very tall.

Jeremy Gerard, Arts Journalist and Broadway Columnist formerly of the New York Times, Variety, New York Magazine, Bloomberg News, and most recently,  Now that’s a resume.

Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Broadway Historian, Director of Programming at 54 Below and Author of the Untold Stories of Broadway series.  She used to work for me, but she’s too fancy now.

These guys have come up with a list of “the best of the best,” and now you’re going to vote.

Why you?  Because you guys are not only students of the marketing of theater (like all of us should constantly be), but you’re also theatergoers.  And who better to judge how well shows are marketing themselves than the people to whom said marketing is directed?

But before we vote, let’s look at the categories.  They are:

Best Logo

Best Tagline

Best Website

Best Social Media

Best TV Commercial

Best Promotional Item/Swag

Best All-Around Campaign

Best Long-Running Campaign


Ok, my friends, it’s time to cast your vote in the only Broadway Business Awards there are.

Click here to see the nominees and cast your vote!

Polls close on Sunday, July 24th at midnight!  The winners will be announced on July 26th, right here on this blog!

Good luck everyone!!!

To see the nominees and to cast your vote click here.


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  • Kit says:

    I run a Tumblr (theaterart) that dives into the art of Broadway. Posters, album covers, etc. Back in May I put together some awards for last season from an art perspective, but then I never published them on the blog. I might have to dig mine out and post them at some point.

    It appears that straight plays are criminally under represented in your nominees. In the future maybe you could split them up from Musicals. After all, the two types of shows require very different marketing focuses.

    Props to you for doing this too.

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