What did you think about the 2016 Tony Awards? Survey says . . .

I’m channeling my inner Richard Dawson today (or my inner Steve Harvey for those youngins out there) and revealing the results of our annual Tony Awards survey.

In case you missed it (and if you were subscribed to this blog you wouldn’t have – so take a moment and do that now), the morning after this year’s Tonys, I posted my usual recap of my Top 5 Favorite Tony Moments, and then put some questions to all of you.  Did you watch? How did this year’s compare to last year’s?  Et cetera, et cetera . . . as the King of Siam would say.

And now, I’m ready to reveal the results (along with some thoughts from me).

So, and this one’s for you Richard Dawson . . . “Survey says!”

  • 99.31% of Producer’s Perspective readers watched the Tony Awards.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, here’s how you rated the Tony Awards Telecast:
    • 36.64% gave it a 10
    • 39.31% gave it a 9
    • 19.85% gave it an 8
    • That’s a 95.80% “8 or better” rating.
      • NOTE FROM KEN:  Last year’s “8 or better” rating was only 45.97%.  Satisfaction with the awards more than doubled!
  • Compared to last year’s telecast:
    • 45.45% said it was much better
    • 48.48% said it was better
    • 4.55% said it was the same
    • 1.14% said it was worse
    • 5.39% said it was much worse
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, here’s how you rated James Corden as the host:
    • 57.59% gave him a 10
    • 25.68% gave him a 9
    • 14.01% gave him an 8
      • NOTE FROM KEN :  The lowest rating Mr. Corden received was a 7.
  • Your favorite part of the telecast, ranked from highest to lowest was):
    • Production numbers – 39.39%
    • The opening number – 25.76%
    • Acceptance speeches – 10.98%
    • Other – 10.98%
    • The host – 5.68%
    • The stage door performances – 3.79%
    • Finding out who won – 1.89%
    • The closing number – 1.52%
    • The presenters – 0%
      • NOTE FROM KEN:  For core theater people, presenters don’t matter . . . but they might for the casual Tony Awards watcher.
  • Your least favorite part of the telecast was . . .
    • The stage door performances
    • Not all the awards being televised
    • Replay of Carpool Karaoke
  • Your favorite musical number was . . .
    • Hamilton – 28.79%
    • The Color Purple – 20.83%
    • Spring Awakening– 11.74%
    • School of Rock – 10.61%
    • Waitress – 7.58%
    • Shuffle Along – 7.20%
    • Bright Star – 5.30%
    • On Your Feet – 3.79%
    • Fiddler on the Roof – 1.89%
      • NOTE FROM KEN:  Interesting correlation:  two of the bottom four shows have closed or will be closing.
  • We asked what you would suggest to the Tony Producers to make it a more exciting evening.  Here are some quotes that represent the most common themes I heard:
    • “Sign James Corden to a long term contract.”
    • “Televise the design award winners and speeches!”
    • “Bring back the Best Sound Design awards!”
    • “Show actual video segments of the nominated plays.”


And there she blows!  According to you, this was the best Tony Awards we have had in a while.  And it’s no wonder that the ratings were the highest we’ve seen in 15 years.

Was that because of Hamilton?

We’ll find out next year . . . when we don’t have Hamilton.

Although, actually, something tells me it just may make an appearance or two.


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  • Tina Childress says:

    Let me start by saying that my family and I are obsessed with the Hamilton cast album (and cast) and are very much looking forward to seeing the production in Chicago this Fall.

    I found myself feeling sorry for other productions that had to go up against this juggernaut this Tony season. It seemed as if after every other commercial break, they were being featured one way or another. Props to them for staying humble, giving each other credit and lifting each other up – they were a class act all the way! Even when LMM was given the much desired spotlight, he shone it on another issue to remind us that “love is love is love is love.”

    So, I guess my complaint was perhaps there was too much Hamilton in a show that was supposed to celebrate all of Broadway and off-Broadway.

  • Sally says:

    All I can say is thank god I live in Chicago which produces many of the pre-broadway shows (Broadway in Chicago) for a fraction of what it costs in NYC. And we have a lot of small theater (Goodman) with excellent plays. We have a LOT of theaters in Chicago. A lot, and that makes it worthwhile to live here.

    Spongebob is here in Chicago, by the way, and it’s not selling well. They blame the Hamilton effect which is coming in September. Spongebob is getting good reviews, but IMO it’s a kid’s play.

  • Jake L. says:

    My favorite performance number on the Tonys was SHE LOVES ME. Why does it not have a percentage listed? Did NO ONE vote for it? (I haven’t commented much before and didn’t answer the survey myself, so I won’t count there, but I find it difficult to believe that not a single person other than me thought it was the best.)

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