You put the Independent in Independence Day.

The Fourth of July means a lot of things . . . BBQs, fireworks, and of course, the birth of this great (although in an awkward phase) nation.

We call it Independence Day . . . the day we celebrate the 13 original colonies calling themselves a new country.

And it’s today.

I like to celebrate something else on Independence Day . . . and that’s the Independent Artist.

You know, the Writer, Director, Artist, Actor, etc. . . . in other words . . . so many of you who read this blog.

It ain’t easy to be out on your own, trying to forge a life for yourself in a difficult environment, against all odds.  And until there’s a holiday called “The Independent Artist Day,” I like to steal some time on the 4th just for you guys.

So when you watch those fireworks tonight, remember, they’re also for you.

And one day, if you have enough perseverance, and enough passion, you’ll burn just as bright, for everyone to see.


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  • My poem titled Independence

    I think I’ll do something independent
    Act like I need no one at all
    Just like the founding fathers
    Hang up on authority should they call

    If they continue to ask for more than I have
    Like my resources are a bottomless well
    My new flag will be my middle finger
    Rose proudly telling them all to go to, (well you know where)

    It all started with the Indians
    Uncle Sam quoted words of peace
    Just as soon as he felt a new whim
    His new brothers were now a long forgotten niece

    How much more can I take
    And still be happy and not misbehave
    This morning on the forth of July
    I realized the mirror held the face of a slave

    So they sing “God bless America”
    Their true idol might be much further down
    It’s hard to be a patriot
    When what the country stands for has totally turned around

  • Rich Mc says:

    A nice post – Happy Independence Day!, Ken.

  • A.J. says:

    Happy 4th to you and your family Ken and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the whole “Shuffle Along” premature closing controversy.

  • It’s not always the passion or perserverance that you need. Sometimes it is just having others who believe in you who are in a position to help you move forward. After 8 years on the road with a very successful national tour, I’m finding that NY-ers in the theater community don’t actually believe in people despite all their talk to the contrary. Thanks for the Independence Day message, but the reality is, we who create the content can’t be totally independent. We need others to come along for the ride and lend support

  • Frank says:

    In reality each of us are simply one wheel of the cart that drives the theater. We cannot work independently on a large scale. We need others to balance our efforts. The theater is a collaborative institution. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can begin to work within the institution to better those around you as well as yourself.

  • Martha says:

    Thank you. I celebrate the independence of Passion burning in a Soul driven by Divine guidance in creative collaboration with other Souls on fire.

  • RICK says:

    ………It ain’t easy to be out on your own, trying to forge a life for yourself in a difficult environment, against all odds.

    …..I had a great 4th of July Independence “Artist Way”…event with my script reader cast …and all sharing your very thoughts….I will send you and Kayla the picture and article from our local paper…Thanks Ken!

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