Podcast Episode 83 – Brian Mahoney


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you’ve heard me reference The Swami before.

He’s the wizard behind the wall of Telecharge (the ticketing system owned and operated by the Shubert Organization), so he has access to a lot of data . . . and can identify lots of trends.  And he’s been analyzing Broadway ticket sales for a few decades now (it’s no wonder why the Shuberts ask him to be a part of all the advertising meetings for shows in their theaters).

When I first approached him about doing this podcast, he told me that he had to get approval from his higher ups.  And for a long time, I wasn’t sure it would happen.  But, he got the green light, which is great news for all of you . . . as Brian and I talked about some pretty interesting stuff about selling tickets on Broadway including:

  • How ticket buying habits on Broadway have changed over the last 30 years.
  • The evolution of the Broadway discount ticket.
  • The one thing that he thinks all Broadway show websites should include . . . but most don’t!
  • What is unique about our relationship with the secondary market . . . and why it differs from sports and concerts.
  • What he thinks of the Hamilton ticketing phenomenon.

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