The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS Off Broadway!

You all know my rule, right?

When three different people tell me that I should see a show. . .I run, not walk, for a ticket.

Well, since six people told me to see Small Mouth SoundsI Usain Bolt-ed for a ticket.

And I picked up a couple of extra, just to give away to one of you!

SMS is the latest show to come from Ars Nova (which is coming into its own as a commercial birthing place – first with Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 opening on Broadway this fall and now this), written by Bess Wohl (Pretty Filthy) and directed by the director everyone is talking about, Rachel Chavkin (the aforementioned Natasha Pierre).

It’s about six strangers on a silent retreat. Yep, that’s right, I said silent.  In other words, this plays doesn’t have a lot of words.

Unique.  And from what the reviews have said, pretty damn awesome.

I can’t wait to see it.

Which one of you wants to go too?

To enter to win two tickets to Small Mouth Sounds, click here.

And if you win, you can’t say that you won.  You have to small mouth sound-it.

Good luck!

Enter here.


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  • Wendy Spatz says:

    I listened to Manny Azenberg’s interview and found it fascinating. However, I also found it rather depressing, as it sounded like the “good ol’ days” of Broadway are truly over. Sadly, I agree that the long running Disney musicals have contributed to the destruction of many creative folks who cannot in any way afford to put on their shows and “experiment” a bit. As the ticket prices have gone up, it appears that elaborate sets are a must to keep an audience’s interest. Good writing takes a back seat to spectacle more and more. And yet, having said that, people are still coming to Broadway and helping that economy. We need more Manny’s Azenbergs starting now!

  • Steven Conners says:

    Ken–That was one of the best podcasts. Mr. Azenberg has seen it all, done it all, and his opinions and observations are brilliant and not to be forgotten. I agree with him on all of his comments. The investors being called “producers” are a sin to the backers of old and, of course, they are not producers. I, like him, yearn for the return of the strong Producer. He is a historian, and at the same time a realist. His experiences in the Theatre have caused him to reflect on the past and compare it to the way it is today. I, again, applaude your presentation of the greats of Broadway. Keep up the good work. —sjc

  • Steven Conners says:

    Your interview with Mr. Azenberg was delightful and informative. Where are the Merrick’s, et al? The current crop of Producers, wanting only the money, allow “Investors” to be called “Producers” above the line, appearing at the Tony’s and even participating the process. Much was learned from Mr. Azenberg, although few will be moved to change. Keep up the good work. —sjc

  • Barbara Beckley says:

    As a teenager, I apprenticed at the Rye Music Circus, and 25-year-old Manny was my boss. We had Bert Lahr in DUBARRY WAS A LADY, Doretta Morrow in BRIGADOON, others. Manny was lovely. One of the greatest summers of my life. This podcast was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for getting him!

  • Steven Conners says:

    Excellent interview with one of the giants of Broadway. Sage advice from a pro who has been there. Keep up the good work. —sjc

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