How to market your show with no money.

I cut my theatrical teeth as a Company Manager on big-budget Broadway shows.  It’s where I learned about the business.  And boy oh boy did I get a grad-school-like education sitting around the conference table at ad meetings for shows like Chicago, Ragtime, and Thoroughly Modern Milliewith their multi-million dollar ad spends.

But never did I learn more than when I was producing my very first show . . . and I had no money.

Oh, I started with money. A few thousand a week, maybe.  But we quickly burned through that.  And I had nothing left.  Zilch.  Like I was in tears on my shrink’s couch because my latest accounting statement had a negative balance.  But I knew, I just knew that the people who were coming to the show were loving it.  And if I could just come up with a way to get that word-of-mouth out to the world, without having to spend money, the show would work.I wiped the tears on my shirt like a fourteen-year-old and went to work.  And instead of using my credit card to market my show, I used my creativity.I came up with a very specific strategy to market my show without using my wallet and actioned it right away.

Just a few weeks later, the show had its first profitable week, recouped two months later, and ran for a whopping ten years.

If working on Broadway shows gave me a grad-school-like education, then working on my own without a dime earned me a doctorate.

What I did next was take the lessons I learned and applied it to bigger shows, including all of the Broadway shows I’ve worked on.  Sure, those shows have had some bigger budgets, but I found very quickly that when I applied the techniques I used to market my first show, I not only saved the shows money but often I got even more advertising impressions than any of the “traditional” media buys. That’s what we call a “win-win.”

Since I know so many of you are working on getting your own shows off the ground and need to attract audience members and industry folks, and so many others are working at theaters around the country world with limited budgets, I thought this would be the perfect time to teach you how to market your show with no money. And that’s why it’s my next webinar!

Next Wednesday, October 5th at 7 PM EDT, as part of my monthly webinar series, I’m teaching “How To Market Your Show With No Money!” (Can’t make that night?  Register here and we’ll send you the complete webinar the next day for you to watch whenever you want.) During the webinar I’ll go through my strategy step-by-step and discuss all the tricks and tips I’ve used including:

  • What makes a great marketing idea?  And how to come up with one.
  • The strategy I used that no one else was . . . and The New York Times wrote a feature about.
  • How to get other people to sell tickets for you without putting them on salary.
  • What 90% of all Broadway shows aren’t doing, that you should . . . and it costs nothing.
  • The biggest marketing mistake I see developing shows make.

To register for the webinar, click here.  (Oh, and we’re using cool new webinar software this month, so you’re in for an e-treat!)

As always, the webinar is guaranteed.  Don’t like it?  You don’t pay.  But seriously . . . of all the webinars I’ve taught?  This one has the potential to pay for itself 10x, 20x, or even 50x over.  Just one, ONE of the marketing ideas I’ve come up with for one of my Broadway shows using the strategies I’m going to reveal, sold five figures worth of tickets.  So yeah, the ROI on this webinar is massive.  You’ll see.

If a guarantee isn’t enough, then join TheProducersPespectivePRO and get the webinar for free.  You can get a free 30-day trial and cancel before your trial is up and pay nothing.  And you can get the webinar and marketing strategy for free, not to mention all the other stuff on Pro.

To get the webinar a la carte, with the get-something-out-of-it-or-get-a-refund guarantee, click here.

To get the webinar for free, sign up for your free 30-day trial with TheProducersPerspectivePRO, click here.

See you on the webinar, and prepare to sell tickets and save money!

(Oh, by the way, this new webinar software is awesome, and is going to make taking the webinar that much easier for all of you . . . but the only catch is that there is a limited number of people that can join us, so register for the webinar today to make sure you get your spot.)


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  • Frank says:

    I was really hoping you were going to tackle the Bloomberg piece detailing the actor/producer “negotiation” that took place with Hamilton and how it will most definitely be affecting every show moving forward forever.

    Sadly, no though. Another blog post advert for another seminar.

    Good luck.

  • Carvanpool says:

    Nice to see you’re still humble.

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