What Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump means for marketing.

A lot of people were shocked when “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” (as he was deemed by The Donald) publicly announced that he would endorse Donald Trump for President.

The endorsement didn’t shock me.

But how he endorsed him did.

In the good ol’ days, an endorsement like this would come in a big ol’ press release.  Or maybe at a big ol’ news conference, in front of a lot of cameras the news station call letters on the side.

This announcement . . . was made on Facebook.

Yep, this super conservative traditionalist, used new media to release information that in other ages might have gone straight to The New York Times or The Washington Post.

Classic media shellacked by social media.

And the political arena isn’t the news that is breaking on social media.  Twitter has been the quickest way to get info for some time now (Kanye followers knew something was wrong with Kim long before US Weekly had the news).  And we’ve all seen how users have turned Facebook into an onsite camera news crew with the live streaming of some pretty tragic events.

What this means is that if you want press for your show or for yourself, you no longer need a high priced press rep to get it . . . you just need super compelling information and a following that’s passionate about the same things you’re passionate about (I broke my Godspell crowdfunding initiative right here on this blog, rather than initially in the press).

Social media isn’t just an outlet for you to plan your 30th Birthday party or see who your high school married. It’s become an outlet for official news, and if it’s good enough for people running for President, it’s good enough for you.



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  • Klay says:

    A Prager University video titled, Can We Trust the Media posted on Oct 4 and narrated by former New York Times and Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Judith Miller states that from 2006 to present print media revenues declined from 46.6 billion to 16.4 billion – a 65% drop in revenues. Also independent fact based reporting has shifted to the sensational and opinion spiced politically liberal headlines to get more “clicks.” And as a result only 36% of those age 18-46 actually believe the media, which is an all time low. It’s no wonder why Ted Cruz used social media. It’s because traditional media is dying due to the internet and self inflicted wounds.

  • Frank says:

    When information is easily attainable from multiple sources, then there is no need for a single monolithic institution from which we draw our “news”.

  • Rick says:

    So true …when people are looking for you and what’s UP…FB TWITTER LINKEDIN WINS…Thanks Ken!!

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